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 Communication Systems

Communication Systems


This interdisciplinary concentration covers both contemporary and future communication technologies and standards. It provides students with the required knowledge of communication systems and networks through the exposure to various topics in the subject. These topics are telecommunication networks, wireless communications, fundamentals of modern digital communication systems, and optical fiber communications.  The concentration covers the communication aspects starting from the physical layer and moving up to the application layer. The target audience is upper-level undergraduate students in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Physics Departments. Students who completed this concentration will be well-prepared to work in both civilian and military communication industries.


  • EE students who completed EE315, EE370, and PHYS 305


  • EE400: Telecommunication Networks [Prerequisite: EE315 and EE 370]
  • EE417: Modern Digital Communication Systems [Prerequisite: EE315 and EE 370]
  • EE419: Wireless Communications [Prerequisite: EE315 and EE 370]
  • EE420: Optical Fiber Communications [Prerequisite: PHYS305 or EE340]

Course Offering Plan