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 Control Systems Research Group

The  Control Group was formed to promote advanced knowledge in  all  the fields  related  to   control   systems  including  linear control,  nonlinear   control,   robust   control,   optimal  control, adaptive control,  and system identification, estimation, filtering, modeling and  simulation.  The group is also concerned with the application of artificial intelligence such as neural networks, fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms to control systems. Particular attention is devoted to  applying  control  technology to power systems, oil and petrochemical industries.
Group Coordinator:

  •  Dr. Mohammed Khaled  

Group Members:

  • Dr. Salim Ibrir 
  • Dr. Al-Baiyat, S. 
  • Dr. Bakhashwain, J. 
  • Dr. Masoud, A. 
  • Dr. Husain Al-Duwaish 
  • Dr. Bo Liu 

Areas of Research Expertise

  • Computer process control
  • Application of control theory to power systems, and oil and petrochemical industries
  • Model reduction
  • System identification
  • Estimation and filtering
  • Adaptive control
  • Application of AI in power systems and robotics
  • Motor and power electronic circuit control
  • Neural networks
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Genetic algorithms​

Services Offered to Industry

The group offers the following services to industry:

  • Consultation services related to fields of experience
  • Evaluation and selection of instrumentation and control systems
  • Process model identification from experimental data
  • Evaluation of commercial control software packages
  • On-site training and short courses advanced computer control of industrial processes
  • Expert monitoring and fault detection
  • Feasibility studies on industrial projects and electronics