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 Department Committees & Department Coordinators


Electrical engineering department has a large number of faculty members of about 51 on professorial rank, 8 lecturers and 10 graduate assistant. The department is involved in many activities and tasks that require the help of its faculty members. Also, the department would like all members to contribute in our small society so everybody is involved towards the success of the department. The department tries to use the members in an efficient way by dividing the work among the members to produce quality work and then the department concurs. Therefore, we have identified a number of committee and tasks for the department. It is expected from each committee to hold meetings as necessary and minutes of the meeting must be written. The committees of the department for the current academic year are the following:

                                                                                    EE Department Standing Committees

1-. Industrial Advisory Board Committee

Mr. Nasir A. Al Shadid (Jubail United)  Chairman
Dr. Ali Al-Shaikhi (Vice Chairman)

2. Graduate Program Committee
 Dr. Hussain Masoudi (Chairman)

3. Graduate Admission Committee

Dr. Muhammad Al- Muhaini  (Chairman)                 

4. Curriculum Committee
Dr. Maan Kousa (Chairman)
5. Program Assessment Committee
 Dr. Zakarriya Al-Hamouz  (Chairman)

6. Faculty/Staff Search Committee
  Dr. Mohamed Mohandes (Chairman)

7. Courses Planning Committee
 Dr. Ali Al-Shaikhi (Chairman)

8. Saftey Inspection Committee
 Dr. Zaki Al-Akhdar (Chairman)
9. Department Services Committee
Dr. Ahmad Masoud (Chairman)

10. Computer Utilization / Lab Supervision / Space Management Committee
 Dr. Sharif Iqbal (Chairman)

11. Department Activities Committee
Dr. Mahmoud Kassas (Chairman)

12. Laboratory Instructional Supervision & Coordination Committee
Mr. Rakan Al-Ohali (Chairman)

                                                                                                  EE Department Coordinators

1. Undergraduate Coordinator
    Dr. Samir Al-Ghadban

2. Graduate Coordinator
    Dr. Maan Kousa

3. Major Exams Coordinator
    Mr.Rakan A. AL-Ohali

4. Research Coordinator
    Dr. Azzedine Zerguine

5. Summer Training Coordinator
    Dr. Wajih Abu Al-Saud

6. Co-op Coordinator
    Dr. Abdullah Al-Ahmari

7. Senior Projects
    Dr. Mohammed Al-Gahtani

8. Short Courses/Seminar Coordinator
    Dr. Abdelmalek Zidouri

9. Text Book Coordinator
    Dr. Ibrahim El-Amin

10. EE Club
    Dr. Muhammad M. Al-Muhaini
11. Grader Coordinator
    Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Ali​