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 Digital Signal Processing Research Group

This group was established to recognize the fact that Digital and Signal Processing is among the fastest research fields of Electrical Engineering. Its application encompasses all engineering disciplines at a time when computers have become a part of almost all systems. The Digital Signal Processing Group of the Electrical Engineering provides a forum for exchanging ideas among the members of the Group. It also encourages the members to submit Group Research Proposals and works towards establishing Research Laboratories equipped with up-to-date facilities for the members to carry out their research and improve teaching facilities for both graduate and short courses.

Group Coordinator:
  • Dr. Deriche, M   
Group Members:
  • Dr.Al-Swailem, U. 
  • Dr.Mousa, W. 
  • Dr.Mohandes, M. 
  • Dr.Zerguine, A. 
  • Dr.Al-Shaikhi, A. 
  • Dr.Zidouri, A. 
  • Dr.Balghonaim, A 
  • Dr.Mudassir Masood 
  • Dr.Naveed Iqbal 
Areas of Research Expertise
  • Multi-dimensional Digital Signal Processing
  • Multi-dimensional Filter Design
  • Speech, Image, and Video Coding and Compression
  • Multimedia Communication and Application Development
  • Computer and Robotics Vision
  • Pattern recognition and Application to document management systems
  • Image identification and restoration
  • Color and multi-channel imaging
  • Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic and application to speech and image processing
Services Offered to Industry

The group has the capabilities and expertise to provide services to the industry in the following areas:

  • Digital Filter Design
  • Image Compression
  • Multimedia communication and application
  • Industrial application of machine vision, automation, robotics and quality assurance
  • Document management systems and Optical Character Readers
  • Consultancy services on Video teleconferencing and multimedia communication
  • Consultancy services on international video compression standards
  • Use of circuit simulation and design tools in electronic system analysis
  • Automatic measurements and data acquisition
  • Industrial Automation​