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 EE Committees: Industrial Advisory Board


Feedback on the strategic planning decisions for the Department.  Consolidate the cooperation between the Department
and the related industrial and engineering organizations in order to create the proper environment and provide the required resources for the fulfillment of the educational and industrial missions. Establish close contacts with the department alumni.

1.      Mr. Nasir A. Al ShadidChairmanJubail United 
2.       Dr. Ali Ahmad Al Shaikhi Vice ChairmanChairman, EE Deptt, KFUPM
3.       Dr. Mohamed-Slim AlouiniMemberKAUST
4.       Mr. Nasser A. Al-WohaibiMemberECRA
5.       Mr. Mubarak Al-MulhimMemberSEC
6.       Mr. Saad Al-ArfajMemberTeco Middle East
7.       Mr. Abdul Hamid AlOmairMemberSaudi Aramco
8.       Dr. Khalid Hilal AltuwairiqiMemberAltuwairqi Holding Company, Dammam
9.       Dr. Ibrahim El-AminMemberProfessor, EE Deptt, KFUPM
10.     Dr. Zakariya  Al-HamouzMemberProfessor, EE Deptt, KFUPM
11.     Dr. Mohammad  SharawiMemberProfessor, EE Deptt, KFUPM