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 EE Committees: Short Courses/Seminar Coordinator

The purpose of the EE Graduate Seminar is to organize seminar activities, i.e. promote and schedule department seminars and make recommendations regarding request for invited speakers and schedule their visits and seminars. To promote short courses offering by the different groups in the department. He is also expected to facilitate to communicate between the Department and with the Continuing Education Program.
Best Regards,
Dr. Abdulmalek Zidouri
Seminars and Short Courses Coordinator
       Dr. Saad Al-Ahmadi, Assistant
For Speakers

  • Unless agreed upon otherwise, the seminar should be (30 minutes presentation, 15 minutes for Q& A, and the remaining time for face to face contact and refreshments).
  • The room should be equipped with computer with power point installed and a computer projector. The speaker is strongly advised to test his presentation in advance.
  • Please keep the level of the presentation reasonable. It is fair to assume a background of a BS in Electrical Engineering.
  • If the presentation has been presented in a technical conference or Journal, please modify to suit the audience (Professors and Graduate students from EE and possibly other departments)
  • Please provide a written short biography to be introduced to the audience at the beginning of the seminar.

For Students Officially Registered for Electrical Engineering Graduate Seminars EE599

  • The first thing to do is to send an e-mail to the coordinator (Dr. Ali Muqaibel) with all your contact information.
  • You must arrive at the seminar room before the starting time. Please do not arrive late. Please be courteous to our speakers.
  • Attendance: students are expected to meet the course attendance objectives. While this is a zero credit course, grades of P (Pass) or F (Fail) are awarded.
  • Attendance is recorded each seminar.
  • If you wish to contribute to the seminars you may contact Dr. Ali Muqaibel.
  • Seminars can provide excellent opportunity to expose you to possible thesis problems.
  • Should you have any questions regarding this course, the professor in charge is Ali Muqaibel.

Coordinator Responsibilities:

  • The coordinator is responsible for the students officially registered under EE599. He should follow their attendance and assigned them a P "Pass" or F "Fail" letter grade at the end of the semester.
  • Decide and reserve the room to be used for the seminar.  The usual time allocated by the department is 1:00-2:00PM. During this time no other classes are offered.
  • Make proper arrangement with the Department secretaries to request refreshments for the seminar.
  • Prepare and send the announcement for the seminar a head of time (subject, speaker, abstract, time, location)
  • Contact speakers from the academia and the industry and provide a variety of topics related to the department interest. Special occasions like conferences and short courses might attract speakers who can be invited to give seminars within the department.
  • Make sure the seminar runs smoothly with good interaction.
  • Provide help and support to the speaker if needed.
  • Update the seminar webpage and promote the attendance and utilization.
  • Coordination for local/international speakers invitations​