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 CX Electronic Defense Systems

Electronic Defense Systems


This interdisciplinary concentration covers the fundamentals of electronic defense systems (EDS). It provides students with the required knowledge of electronic defense systems through the exposure to various topics in the subject. These topics are the fundamentals of radar systems and its application in the military industries, the basics of electro-optical systems such lasers and LiDAR, the application of microwave theory and devices in defense systems, the fundamentals of digital signal processing. The target audience is upper-level undergraduate students in Electrical Engineering, Physics, and System Engineering Departments. The goal of this concentration is to prepare students with ample knowledge to participate in the national military industries. The focus in the concentration is in the military applications from radar-, microwave-, and optical-system perspectives.


  • EE students can enroll in the concentration provided that they have completed EE207 and PHYS 305.
  • PHYS students can enroll in the concertation provided that they completed either EE207 or CISE315.
  • CISE students can enroll in the concentration provided that they completed PHYS 305.


  • EE406: Digital Signal Processing [Prerequisite: EE 207]
  • EE407: Microwave Engineering [Prerequisite: PHYS 305 or EE340]
  • EE416: Introduction to Radar [Prerequisite: EE 207 Or CISE315]
  • EE421: Photonics and Optical Communications [Prerequisite: PHYS 305 or EE340]


Course Offering Plan