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 Electronics Research Group

The research in this group covers a wide range of activities including experimental, numerical and analytical work in both digital and analog aspects. The group is involved in a variety of research fields that are recent and highly advanced. One such field is the field of circuit and system simulation which is believed to be an essential tool for the electrical engineer. This activity is based on physical modeling of the electronic circuits as well as other conventional modeling procedures like the equivalent circuit and empirical methods. Other activities include the design and analysis of analog and digital circuits and systems. The activity includes the design of filters, communication circuits, feedback amplifiers, current conveyors amplifiers and current-mode circuits. Also, the group has a considerable contribution in VLSI circuit design and microprocessor-based systems.

Group Coordinator:

  • Dr. Al-Absi, M.  

Group Members:

  • Dr. Al-Zaher H. 
  • Dr. Al-Gahtani, M.  
  • Dr. Hussein, Alaa. 
  • Dr. Al-Shahrani, S. 
  • Dr. Rojas, Jhonathan. 
  • Dr. Feras Al-Dirini.  
  • Dr. Yaqub Mahnashi 
  • Dr.Hussam  Alshammari 

Areas of Research Expertise

The group is involved in the following areas of research:

  • Special-purpose VLSI designs including array processors and parallel structures.
  • Analysis and design of VLSI circuits.
  • Analog electronic circuits and systems: Analysis, design and implementation.
  • Analog IC design and simulation.
  • Modeling and simulation of hetero-structures and optoelectronic devices.
  • Modeling and simulation of microwave semi-conductor devices.
  • Feedback amplifiers.
  • Microprocessor-based and microcontroller-based systems.
  • Design with Programmable Logic Controllers.​

Services Offered to Industry

The group has expertise in the following areas:

  • Current-mode circuits and systems.
  • Large signal analysis of analog electronic circuits.
  • Numerical simulation of electronic devices and systems.
  • IC design for low power applications.
  • Current feedback amplifiers.

The group is capable of providing the following technical service to industry:

  • Use of circuit simulation and design tools in electronic system analysis.
  • Automatic measurements and data acquisition.
  • Industrial Automation​.