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 Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency


This interdisciplinary program covers sustainable energy-efficient practices and the most effective management of energy systems. The scale of application includes component-level, small system level (e.g. building), and large-scale level (e.g. entire cities, and interconnected systems). Students evaluate component and system energy efficiency and design efficient energy management programs, as well as learn the basics of energy auditing and reporting.


Students who finished all junior level courses of the following majors are eligible to enroll in this concentration:

  • EE
  • ME
  • ARE

A student of other majors can enroll in this concentration if he is able to fulfil the prerequisite requirements of all concentration courses.

For the concentration to be registered in the students' records, the student should finish all the concentration courses successfully.


  • EE 459    : Electrical Energy Efficiency [Pre-requisites: EE202 or EE204 or EE234]
  • EE 468    : Renewable Energy [Pre-requisites: EE202 or EE204 or EE234]
  • ME 429  : Energy Efficiency and Auditing [Pre-requisites: Senior Standing in ARE, EE or ME prog.]
  • ARE 442 : Building Energy Analysis [Pre-requisites: Senior Standing]

Course Offering Plan: