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 Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Concentration Description:

This interdisciplinary program covers sustainable energy-efficient practices and the most effective management of energy systems. The scale of application includes component-level, small system level (e.g. building), and large-scale level (e.g. entire cities, and interconnected systems). Students evaluate component and system energy efficiency and design efficient energy management programs, as well as learn the basics of energy auditing and reporting.


  • Senior EE, ME, and ARE Students are eligible to enroll in this concentration.
  • A junior standing student or a student of other majors can enroll in this concentration if he\she fulfils the prerequisite requirements of all concentration courses.


EE459 Electrical Energy Efficiency [Pre-requests: EE202 or EE204 or EE234]

ARE 421 Building Energy Analysis [ Pre-requests: Senior Standing]

ME 429 Energy Efficiency and Auditing [ Pre-requests: Senior Standing in ARE or in EE or in ME programs]

EE468 Renewable Energy [ Pre-requests: EE202 or EE204 or EE234]

Course Description:

EE459 Electrical Energy Efficiency

Fundamental principles, concepts, contexts, issues, applications and future developments of energy efficiency and demand side management (DSM). Benefits of energy efficiency and DSM. Energy economics and markets.  Efficiency of generation, transmission and distribution systems. Energy efficiency policies, standards, and regulations. International practices in energy efficiency and demand side management. Future sustainable energy systems and smart grids.

Pre-requests: EE202 or EE204 or EE234

ARE 421 Building Energy Analysis

Introduction to building energy systems, building thermal and energy performance parameters; design methods for improving building energy efficiency, application of thermal sciences to the evaluation of building envelope and energy systems including HVAC system; energy estimation methods. Application of software tools for building energy analysis

Pre-requests: Senior Standing

ME 429 Energy Efficiency and Auditing

Overview on energies and energy auditing standard processes, understanding and analysis of energy bills, economic and life cycle costing analysis, fundamentals of electric systems, lighting, electric motors and drives, Building Envelop (revisions of modes of heat transfer, Insulation and building codes), HVAC, boilers and steam distribution systems, compressed air systems, renewable energy systems and waste water management, human behavior and facility energy management.

Pre-requests: Senior Standing in ARE or in EE or in ME programs

EE468 Renewable Energy

Energy Conversion; Electric energy from renewable sources: Hydro-electric, Solar, Wind, Fuel cells, Geothermal, Biomass, Tidal power plants; Energy storage; Renewable energy sources integration; Design of standalone and integrated systems.

Pre-requests: EE202 or EE204 or EE234

For more information about this program, please contact the program coordinator Dr. Mohammed Al-Muhaini (