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 Energy Systems Research Group

Electrical Engineering Department

The main goal of the Energy Systems Research Group is to coordinate the energy-related academic programs and research activities in the Electrical Engineering Department. The group constantly monitors the academic programs in power systems, electric machines, power electronics, high voltage engineering & electrostatics, and other disciplines in the Energy Systems area. The group takes up revising, updating and modifying the energy system courses whenever necessary. In terms of research activities, the group encourages and initiates intra departmental research amongst the faculty members. The group is also involved in research activities with local industries, KACST and other international organizations. 
The group also offers technical short courses to the local industries such as ARAMCO, SABIC, and SEC. Some of the short courses offered include: FACTS technology and its applications, advanced trends in power system protection, electric motors, wire and cable system, fundamentals of electrical tests, and power system grounding.   
       Group Coordinator:
  • Dr. Mohammed Abido
       Group Members: 
  • Dr. Kassas, M. 
  • Dr. Habiballah, I. 
  • Dr. Chokri, B. 
  • Dr. El-Amin, I. 
  • Dr. Ali Al-Awami 
  • Dr. Mohammed Al-Muhaini 
  • Dr. Fahad Al-Ismail 
  • Dr. Aboubakr M. Salem 
  • Dr. Mohammed Khaled 

  • ​Power System Control 
  • Dynamic Security Assessment 
  • Application of Neural Networks & Fuzzy Logic into Power Systems 
  • Power System Quality 
  • Power System Reliability 
  • Power System Planning & Operation 
  • Power System Economics 
  • Integration of renewable energy sources 
  • Smart grid and microgrid operation and control 
  • Active distribution systems 
  • Efficient integration of electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and distributed generation. 
  • Maintenance Scheduling of Generating Units 
  • Electromagnetic Fields and Biological Effects 
  • Voltage Stability 
  • High Voltage Engineering & Electrostatics 
  • Electrical Insulators and Flashover Problems 
  • Power Electronics & Unity Power Factor Application 
  • Demand Side Management & Load Control 
  • Electrical Power Systems Design 
  • Power System Protection
  • ​Power Systems Planning 
  • Reliability Analysis 
  • Power Network Analysis 
  • Network Stability 
  • Harmonic Analysis 
  • Power Systems Control 
  • Power System Protection 
  • Electromagnetic Fields of Power Systems 
  • Management of EMF in Industrial, Commercial and Residential Areas 
  • EMF Measurements 
  • Computer Applications to Power System
1.   Renewable energy Laboratory 
         a.   Wind Energy Simulator
         b.   PV system simulator
2.   Real time digital simulator (RDTS)  
         a.   One rack PB5
         b.   Double amplifier F6350
         c.    SEL digital relays
3.   Power Quality lab.
         a.   Programmable AC Source 12 kVA
         b.   Electronic nonlinear loads
         c.    DC drive
         d.   AC drive
         e.   NI monitoring system
         f.    Active filter
4.   FACTS Laboratory
         a.   STATCOM
         b.   VSC-based amplifier
5.   Electrical power Laboratories