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 Funded Research Projects

​​​​​​​Running Projects:​ 
Project Number Project Name Investigator Co-Investigator Duration (Months) Start Date End Date
FT131009 GPS-Assisted Dynamic Spectrum Allocation Scheme For Cognitive Radio Networks Dr. Salam Zummo   ​     18 1-Dec-13 1-Jun-15
FT131010 Received Signal Strength based Indoor Localization with No Deployment Effort Dr. Sameh Sorour Dr. Tareq Al-Naffouri       18 1-Dec-13 1-May-15
JF131001 "Modeling of Wind Energy Generation for Reliability Assessment of Active Distribution Networks" Dr. Mohammad Al-Muhaini Dr. Ibrahim El-Amin       11 1-Dec-13 1-Nov-14
IN131006 Beyond Instantly Decodable Network Coding: A Graphical Approach Dr. Sameh Sorour        11 1-Dec-13 30-Oct-14
JF131003 Hybrid ARQ For Centralized Scheduling in Multi-hop Cellular Network Dr. Saad Al-Abeedi        11 29-Nov-13 31-Oct-14
IN131004 Stabilization and trajectory tracking of feed-forward nonlinear systems subject to hard-input nonlinearities Dr. Salim Ibrir         11 27-Nov-13 31-Oct-14
RG1205 Modeling, Simulation, and Performance Assessment of Variable Frequency Drives for Air-Conditioning System Dr. Mahmoud Kassas              Dr.Ibrahim El-Amin               Dr. Chokri B Ahmed              Prof. S Ahmed M. Said (ME)         24 1-Sep-13 1-Sep-15
RG1318 Electric Vehicle Charge Control in a Smart Energy Grid Dr. Ali Al-Awami Dr. Mohammad Abido       24 1-Jun-13 1-Jun-15
RG1312 Equalization for Wideband Fast Varying Wireless Communication Channels Dr. Abdelmalek Zidouri  Dr. Azzedine Zerguine   Dr. Samir Alghadban      24 1-Jun-13 1-Jun-15
RG1315 Seismic Deconvolution of Sparse Reflectivity using Compressive Sensing Techniques Dr. Tareq Al-Naffouri Dr. Aldo Vesnaver (ES)                       Mr. Syed Rizwanullah H.,  RI      24 15-May-13 15-May-15
FT121013 Satellite Signal Adjustment via Intelligent Model under Anomalous Conditions, Including Dust, Sand, and Gaseous Conditions Dr. Kamal Harb Dr. Samir Abdul Jauwad            18 1-Apr-13 30-Sep-14
SB121014 Evaluation of Compressed Sensing in Ultra Wideband Systems with Narrowband Interference Mitigation Dr. Ali Muqaibel         12 1-Apr-13 31-Mar-14
IN121039 Behavioral Modeling and Pre-distortion of Wideband Wireless Transmitters Dr. Oualid Hammi         10 1-Apr-13 31-Jan-14
SB121005 A Novel Phase Shifter-less Beam Scanning Technique Usijng Engineered Gyrotropic Superstrate Dr. Shaikh Sharif Iqbal Dr. Khurram Karim Qureshi Dr. Raj Mittra       18 1-Feb-13 30-Jun-14
USRG1206 Enhanced Nested LUT Model for RF Power Amplifiers Driven by LTE Signals Mr. Ahmed FathySaleem     Dr. Oulid Hammi       12 1-Feb-13 31-Jan-14
RG1303 A New Harmonic Estimation and Mitigation System Using Wavelet Packet Transform Dr. Mohammad Abido Dr.  Ibrahim El-Amin                     Dr. Mohammed El-Gebeily            Mr. F.R. Zaroof       36 1-Jan-13 1-Jan-16
IN121012 Blind Image Quality Assessment Using Neural Networks Dr. Mohammad Deriche Dr. Mohammad Mohandes       20 1-Jan-13 1-Sep-14
FT121006 Broadband Satellite-Based Very Small Aperture System (VSAT) at the Ka-Band Dr. Kamal Harb Dr. Samir Abdul Jauwad       18 15-Dec-12 15-Jun-14
FT121004 Development of all-optical logic devices using injection locking technique in Distributed Feedback Lasers Dr. Khurram Qureshi Dr. Sharif Iqbal       18 15-Dec-12 15-Jun-14
FT121002 Impact of Co-Channel Interference on Dual Hop Opportunistic Relaying with Interference at Relay and Destination in Nakagami-$m$ Fading Environments Prof. Salam A. Zummo         18 1-Dec-12 1-Jun-14
IN121006 Advanced Digital Signal Processing of Seismic Data Dr. Wail Mousa         24 1-Oct-12 1-Oct-14
RG1220 Behavioral Modeling and Impairments Compensation of Broadband Transmitters for LTE-Advanced Applications Dr. Oualid Hammi Dr. Mohammad Sharawi       24 1-Sep-12 1-Sep-14
SB111012 Adaptive Decision Feedback Equalization for Wideband MIMO Systems Using Constrained Optimization Techniques Dr. Azzedine Zerguine             Mr. Syed Muhammad Azad   Mr. Khalid Masood-HBCC       18 1-Sep-12 1-Mar-14
SB111014 Design of a Directive Ferrite Loaded Waveguide Antennas for Multi-directional Beam Steering Dr. Sheikh Sharif Iqbal Mitu          Dr. Hassan Ragheb       18 25-Aug-12 27-Feb-14
RG1216 Adaptive Channel Equalization Using Particle Swarm Optimization Dr. Azzedine Zerguine Dr. Ali- Al Awami                        Dr. Ali Al Shakihi      24 1-Jun-12 1-Jun-14
RG1219 Compact Size Meta-material Based Antennas for Broadband Wireless Handheld Devices Dr. Mohammad Sharawi  D r. Wessam Mesbah             Dr. Oualid Hammi       24 1-Mar-12 1-Sep-14
RG1207 Dynamic Analysis, Control and RTDS Implementation of Microgrids Dr. Mohammad Abido                     Dr. A. H Abdur Rahim          Dr. M. Hassan       30 1-Mar-12 31-Aug-14
IN111005 A License Plate Recognition System With Arabic Support For The GCC Region  Dr. Mohamed Deriche                        Dr. Mohamed Mohandes       18 15-Nov-11 15-Sep-13
RG1117 Broadband Wireless MIMO Channels: Measurements and Characterization"  Dr. Wajih Abu Alsaud                                Dr.  Ali Mugaibel  - Dr. Saad Al-Ahmadi-Dr. Asrar Shaikh (Consult)       36 1-Sep-11 1-Sep-14
  Completed Projects:
S# Project Number     Project Title Principal Investigator Co-Investigators ​Year​​
1 RG1220-1 Behavioral Modeling and Impairments Compensation of Broadband Transmitters for LTE-Advanced Applications Dr. Oualid Hammi Dr. Mohammad Sharawi   2011-2012
2 RG1219-1 Compact Size Meta-material Based Antennas for Broadband Wireless Handheld Devices Dr. Mohammad S. Sharawi Dr. Oualid Hammi             Dr. Wessam Mesbah 2011-2012
3 RG1216-1 Adaptive Channel Equalization Using Particle Swarm Optimization Dr. Azzedine Zerguine Dr. Ali Al-Shaikh            Ali Al-Awami 2011-2012
4 IN111045 Stochastic Charging of Electric Vehicles Dr. Ali Al-Awami    2011-2012
5 IN111041 Statistical Characterization of Indefinite Quadratic Forms and Their Applications Dr. Tarek Al-Naffouri Mr. Muhammad Saqib Sohail         Dr. Aris L. Moustakeas  2011-2012
6 SB111014 Design of a Directive Ferrite Loaded Waveguide Antennas for Multi-directional Beam Steering Dr. Sheikh Sharif Iqbal Mitu Dr. Hassan Ragheb   2011-2012
7 SB111013 Novel Technique for Measuring the Dielectric Constant and the Conductivity of Substances through Open End Waveguide Radiating Into Cavity Resonator Dr. Essam Hassan Prof. Hassan A. Ragheb   2011-2012
8 SB111012 Adaptive Decision Feedback Equalization for Wideband MIMO Systems Using Constrained Optimization Techniques Dr. Azzeddine Zerguine Dr. Muhammad Moinuddin                Mr. Syed Muhammad Asad Mr. Khalid Mahmood 2011-2012
9 JF111005 A Study to Maintain QoS in Weather Impacted Satellites Dr. Kamal Harb Dr. Samir Abdul Jauwad   2011-2012
10 RG1207-1 Dynamic Analysis, Control and RTDS Implementation of Microgrids Dr. Mohammad Abido Dr. M. Hassan  Dr. A.H. Abdurrahim 2011-2012
11 RG1205-1 Modeling, Simulation, and Performance Assessment of Variable Frequency Drives for Air-Conditioning System Dr. Mahmoud Kassas Dr. Chokri B Ahmed         Prof.S Ahmed M. Said Dr.Ibrahim El-Amin 2011-2012
12 RG1202-1 Smart Control of Variable Speed Wind Systems for Efficiency and Performance Improvement Dr. A.H. Abdurrahim Dr. Mohammad Abido   2011-2012
13 JF111001 Tools for Integrating Wind Energy in Power Grid Operation Dr. Ali T.Al-Awami Dr. Mohammad Abido   2011-2012
14 IN111005 A License Plate Recognition System With Arabic Support For The GCC Region Dr. Mohammad Deriche Dr. Mohammad Mohandes   2011-2012
15 IN111002 Distinguished Professorship Award Prof. Abuelma'atti, Muhammad Taher (2010 - 2011) Prof. Abuelma'atti, M Taher    2011-2012
16 SB111007 Practical Implementation of Compressive Sensing on Ultra Wideband Systems Dr. Ali H. Muqaibel    2011-2012
17 FT111005 RADIATION FROM AXIAL SLOT ON A CONDUCTING CIRCULAR Dr. Hassan Ragheb Dr. Essam Hassan   2011-2012
18 ​​FT111004 Low Complexity Blind Equalization for SISO Systems with General Constellations Dr. Tareq Al-Naffouri Mr. Muhammad Saqib Sohail  Dr. Mohammad S. Sharawi 2011-2012
19 FT111001 A Programmable Digitally Controlled Radio Frequency Feed Network Dr. Mohammad S. Sharawi Dr. Oulid Hammi   2011-2012
20 IN101042 Modulation of Surface-Plasmon Polaritons Propagation in Optical Nanostructures Dr. Mohammad A Alsunaidi    2010-2011
21 SB101024 A Blind Strategy over Adaptive Sensor Networks Dr. Azzedine Zerguine Dr. Salam A. Zummo   2010-2011
22 SB101014 Jointly Optimized Multi-user MIMO Systems Dr. Wessam Mesbah Dr. Ali Hussein Muqaibel   2010-2011
23 SB101013 Development of high pressure and high temperature fiber optic sensors Khurram Karim Qureshi    2010-2011
24 SB101010 A Printed Circular Antenna Array for Vehicular Direction Finding Systems Dr. Mohammad S. Sharawi Prof. Daniel N. Aloi,   2010-2011
25 SB101006 A Structured Bayesian Approach for Block Sparisty Recovery Dr. Tarek Naffouri Mr. Ahmed Abdul Quadeer   2010-2011
26 RG1120-1 Cooperative Distributed Blind Spectral Sensing for Wireless Broadband Cognitive Radio Dr. Asrar Sheikh Dr. Adnan Landolsi Dr. Wassam Mesbah      Dr. Mohammad Deriche 2010-2011
27 RG1117-1 Broadband Wireless MIMO Channels: Measurements and Characterization Dr. Asrar Shaikh Dr. Wajih Abu Alsaud             Dr. Saad Al-AhmadiDr. Ali Mugaibel 2010-2011
28 RG1112-1 Adaptive Impairments Modeling in Broadband Nonlinear Transmitters Dr. Azzedine Zerguine Dr. Oualid Hammi                    Dr. Adnan Landolsi 2010-2011
29 JF101018 Channel Statistics and performance of distributed antenna-based cellular networks Dr. Saad Al-Ahmadi    2010-2011
30 IN101032 Robust State Estimation and Monitoring of Power System Networks (sabbatical leave project) Dr. Ibrahim Habiballah    2010-2011
31 IN100045 Translation of Two-handed Arabic Signs to Spoken Language Dr. Mohammad Mohandes    2009-2010
32 IN100044 Tracking and Identification of Pilgrims Dr. Mohammad Mohandes    2009-2010
33 FT100033 Bandwidth and Power Scalable Behavioral Models and Digital Predistortors for 3G+ Base Station Transmitters Dr. Oulid Hammi    2009-2010
34 FT100030 PAPR Reduction of OFDM Signals by Compressed Estimation Dr. Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri Mr. Saqib Sohail   2009-2010
35 FT100027 DOA and SNR estimation in time-variant Rayleigh fading channels Dr. Tareq Al-Naffouri Dr. Habti Abeida    2009-2010
36 FT100013 Design of Novel Aperture Stacked Microstrip Power Splitter for Microwave Communication Dr. Sheikh Sharif Iqbal Dr. Mohammad S. Sharawi   2009-2010
37 FT100012 A Variable Step-Size Strategy over Adaptive Sensor Networks Dr. Azzedine Zerguine Dr. Salam Zummo   2009-2010
38 SB100009 Design of Antenna Arrays for Long Term Evolution (LTE) Handsets Dr. Mohammad S. Sharawi Dr. Sharif Iqbal Sheikh   2009-2010
39 SB100008 Performance of IP Telephony (IPT) over KFUPM Wireless Networks: Further Investigations and Suggestions for Improvement Dr. Maan Kousa Mr. Asif Syanee             Mr Ahmer Shafi 2009-2010
40 SB100007 Simulation of broadband fiber ring lasers Dr. Kurram Karim Qureshi    2009-2010
41 RG1007-1 Wide Area Protection for Power System Stability Enhancement Dr. Mohamed Mansour Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed ElAmin                Dr. M. A. Abido 2009-2010
42 RG1006-1 Study of the Impact of Dynamic Interaction of Wind Systems with Multimachine Power System Dr. Abu Hamed M.Abdur-Rahim Dr. Mohammad A. Abido -Dr. Ibrahim M.El-Amin 2009-2010
43 JF100018 Reduced Complexity Modeling of Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communication Applications Dr. Oualid Hammi Dr. M. Adnan Landolsi   2009-2010
44 JF100013 Developing Quantitative Measures of Quality for Network Based Schedules Dr. Wessam Mesbah Dr. Mohammad Deriche   2009-2010
45 IN100042 Scrutinize Failures Causes of Real Distribution Underground Cable System of Saudi Electric Company (SEC) Dr. Mohammad H. Shwehdi Mr. Umar Johar Mr. Khaled Y. Al-Souf (Research Institute)        Dr. M.A. Gondal (Physics) 2009-2010
46 IN100011 TUA Access Protocols for FU-FB Over Frequency Selective Channels Dr. Asrar U. Sheikh Mr. Muhammad Saqib                 Dr. M.A. Haleem 2009-2010
47 SB090018 Joint Probing and Scheduling in Wireless Communications Systems Dr. Yahya S. Al-Harthi    2008-2009
48 SB090010 Measurement and characterization of wideband MIMO channels Dr. Asrar Ul Haq Sheikh Dr. Azzedine Zerguine        Mr. Ajmal Khan  2008-2009
49 SB090008 Blind Channel Estimation of OFDM System by Relying on the Gaussian Assumption of the Input Dr. Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri Mr. Ahmed Abdul Quadeer   2008-2009
50 SB090006 Spectral Efficiency of Diversity Schemes in Wireless Environments Dr. Salam A. Zummo    2008-2009
51 SB090002 Novel Technique for Synthesis of Superdirective Antenna Arrays Dr. Essam E. Hassan    2008-2009
52 IN090019 Static Synchronous Compensator Based Stabilizer Design And Implementation Dr. Mohammad Abido Dr. Ibrahim Habiballah          Dr. A.H. Abdur Rahim                Dr. Ibrahim El-Amin 2008-2009
53 FT090016 Convergence and Steady-State Analysis of the Leaky Lease Mean Fourth Algorithm: Applications to Mobile Communications Dr. Azzedine Zerguine Dr. Tareq Al-Naffouri   2008-2009
54 IN090032 Opportunistic Distributed Algorithms for Medium Access Dr. Yahya S. Al-Harthi    2008-2009
55 IN090028 Distinguished Professorship Award Dr.Abuelma'atti, Muhammad Taher    2008-2009
56 IN090025 Laser Approach to Metal Nanoalloys, Its Optimization & Search for Novel Alloy Nanostructures Dr. Dr. H.M. Masoudi Dr. M.A. Gondal (Physics)              Dr. Nahid Siddiqui (Chemistry)  2008-2009
57 IN080427 Identifying the Causes of Low Voltage Cable Outages by Applying Explicit Measures and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Dr. Mohammad Shwehdi Mr. Umar Jauhar                  Dr. Mohammad Gondal (Physics) 2007-2008
58 FT080005 Convergence and Tracking Analysis of the Normalized Least Mean Fourth Algorithm without the Independence, Long Filter and Small Step Size Assumptions Dr. Azzedine Zerguine Dr. Mohammad Moinuddin   2007-2008
59 SB080019 Experimental and Numerical Study of Fly Ash Precipitation in a Proto-Type Model Dr. Zakariya Al-Homouz    2007-2008
60 SB080010 Design of Microwave Filters Using Continuously Varying Transmission Lines Dr. Essam Hassan Dr. Mohammed El-Gebeily   2007-2008
61 SB080009 Control of Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Based wind Generation Systems Dr. Abdur rahim A. Hamid Dr. Ibrahim Habibullah   2007-2008
62 SB080007 Using the Cyclic Prefix for Blind Equalization in OFDM Dr. Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri    2007-2008
63 FT070010 Investigating the Influence of KFUPM Personal Computers Processing Modes on Line Current Harmonics and Harmonic Content Dr. M.H. Shwehdi Mr. Omar Johar Dr. Jamil Bakhashwain 2006-2007
64 FT070006 An Integrable 60 Hz Notch Programmable Filter Dr. Hussain Alzaher Mr. Noman Tasadduq   2006-2007
65 FT070004 Performance of Forward Error Correction in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Dr. Salam Zummo    2006-2007
66 FT070003 Investigation and Performance Evaluation of IP Telephony (IPT) and Voice over IP (VoIP) in University Network Dr. Maan Kousa Mr. Ajmal Khan Mr. Ahmar Shafi                    Dr. Sadiq Sait (Computer Engineering) 2006-2007
67 FT070002 Directional UWB Channel Characterization Dr. Ali Hussein Muqaibel Mr. Omar Johar   2006-2007
68 SB070017 Analysis of Full-Vectorial Three Dimensional Optical Waveguides with Multiple Longitudinal Discontinuities Using Pade Approximants Dr. Husain A. Al-Jamid Mr. Zahed M. Khan   2006-2007
69 SB070005 New Adaptive Schemes for Wireless Networks Based on Multi-Layer Space-Time Transmission Dr. Samir Al-Ghadban Dr. Salam Zummo   2006-2007
70 SB070001 Optimal Power Flow Using Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization Dr. Mohammad Abido    2006-2007
71 JF070003 Uplink mimo scheduling design and evaluation for v-blast users Dr. Samir Al-Ghadban    2006-2007
72 IN070385 Distributed Generation Integration for Optimal Operation and Improved Performance of Distribution System Dr. Abdel Aal Mantawy Dr. Jamal Bakhashwain  Dr. M.H. Shwehdi 2006-2007
73 IN070376 Design and Implementation of Interconnect-Efficient Low Density Partly Check Error Connecting Codes Dr. Mohammad Adnan Landolsi Dr. Aimen El-Maleh   2006-2007
74 IN070345 Design of Active 24-GHz Micro strip Linear Phased Array-Antenna for Microwave Sensors Dr. Shaikh Sharif Iqbal Dr. Saad Al-Shahrani    2006-2007
75 IN070342 The Effect of Spatial Correlation on the Capacity of Multi-Input Dr. Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri    2006-2007
76 IN060340 RFID Wristband Tag for Pilgrims Identification Dr. Mohammad Mohandes Dr. S. Al-Shahrani              Mr. A. Abul Hussain                 Dr. Maan Kousa 2006-2007
77 IN060332 Development of a Software-Defined Radio Platform for Communication System Design Dr. Mohammad Adnan Landolsi Dr. Wajih Abu-Al-Saud              Eng. Ahmad Abul-Hussain 2006-2007
78 IN060327 Performance Evaluation of a soft Decision Based Least Mean Fourth (LMF) Algorithm: Applications to Wireless Communication Dr. A. Zerguine Dr. Asrar Sheikh         Dr. L. Cheded (Systems Engineering) 2006-2007
79 SB060020 Investigation on Safe Grounding and Bonding Procedures Requirements in International Distribution System Dr. M. H. Shwehdi Dr. Umar Johar   Dr. Tarek Sheltami (Computer Engineering) 2005-2006
80 SB060013 Power System Stability in Deregulated Environment Dr. I. El-Amin Dr. M.A. Abido   2005-2006
81 SB060004 Dynamic Performance Analysis and Control Design of a Wind Turbine Induction Generator Unit Mr. F. Kandlawala Dr. A. Abdur Rahim   2005-2006
82 FT060029 Circularly Polarized Planar Semiconductor Phase Shifters for Phased Array Antenna Dr. S. S. Iqbal Dr. Mahmood Dawood   2005-2006
83 FT060027 Performance of Coded Diversity System in Wireless Environment Dr. S. A. Zummo    2005-2006
84 FT060019 Development of a Tracking System for Moving Targets Dr. M. M. Dawoud Dr. A. Zerguine   2005-2006
85 FT060015 A Fast Variable Step Size Blend Equalization Algorithm on Multiple Constraints Dr. A. Zerguine Dr. Asrar Sheikh   2005-2006
86 FT060013 A Novel Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization Technique: Dvelopment and Applications Dr. M. A. Abido    2005-2006
87 FT060009 Design of Optimal Narrow Band Filter for Delta Sigma Modulator Dr. E. E. Hassan    2005-2006
88 JF060006 Opportunistic Scheduling and Adaptive Modulation in Wireless Networks Dr. Yahya Al-Harthi    2005-2006
89 JF060005 High Precision 3-D Power Line Electromagnetic Field Sensor Dr. Alaa El-Din Hussein    2005-2006
90 AR050006 ARA-1426/06 Dr. Essam Al-Humaidan Dr. Abdulrahman Hawsai (Islamic & Arabic Studies)   2005-2006
91 IN060324 CMOS LOW-PASS Filters for Dual Bluetooth/WLAN Direct-Conversion Receiver Dr. Husain Al-Zaher Mr. Noman Tassaduq       Mr. M.K. Al-Ghamdi 2005-2006
92 IN060318 Extraction of Optimal Features from Ultrasonic NDT Signals Using Time- Dr. Ahmad Yamani Dr. Mohammad Deriche   2005-2006
93 IN060315 Broad-Band Time-Domain Beam Propagation Method Dr. Husain Masoudi    2005-2006
94 JF060002 Frequency Domain Estimation of Time Variant Channels in OFDM Dr. Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri    2005-2006
95 SB050013 Air-Conditioning Load Control at KFUPM Campus Dr. Mahmoud Kassas Dr. Ibrahim El-Amin           Mr. S. A. M. Said (Mechanical Engineering)Dr. Ibrahim O. Habiballah 2004-2005
96 SB050007 Multiobjective Reactive Power Dispatch and Control Dr. M. A. Abido    2004-2005
97 FT050019 Non-Stationary Deconvolution for Better Multiples Elimination Using Wavelet and Time-Frequency Transforms Dr. Osama Ahmed    2004-2005
98 FT050009 Self-Tuning Adaptive Stabilizer for a Unified Power Flow Controller Dr. A.H. Abdur Rahim Dr. Samir A. Al-Baiyat   2004-2005
99 JF050009 Analysis of Bit-Interleaved Coded Modulation over Wireless Channels Salam A. Zummo    2004-2005
100 IN000282 Power Systems Stability Enhancement Using Unified Power Flow Controllers Dr. M. Abido Dr. Yousef Abdel-Magid    2004-2005
101 FT040005 Analysis of FH-SS and OFDM Wireless Networks Under Interference Conditions Dr. Salam A. Zummo Dr. Saud Al-Semari   2003-2004
102 FT040002 Convergence and Steady-State Analysis of the Normalized Least Mean Fourth Algorithm: Applications to Mobile Communications Dr. Azzedine Zerguine Dr. Asrar Sheikh   2003-2004
103 SB040002 A Neural Network Approach for Person Identification Using the Iris Dr. M. Deriche Dr. Jamil Bakhashwain  Dr. M. Mohandes 2003-2004
104 FT040027 Radiation Pattern Control of Surface Reflector Antennas by Controlling the Radiator Surface Impedance Dr. Essam Hassan Dr. Hassan Ragheb   2003-2004
105 FT040026 Measurements and Simulation of Electromagnetic Radiation from Mobile Base Stations Dr. M.M. Dawoud Dr. Jamil Bakhashwain Mr. Nurruzaman  2003-2004
106 FT040013 Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves by N Dielectric Coated Metallic Strips Dr. Hassan Ragheb Dr. Essam Hassan   2003-2004
107 FT040010 Investigation of UWB Communication Performance in Multipath Channels Dr. Ali Muqaibel Mr. Umar Johar Mr. Ahmar Shafi Dr. Maan Kousa 2003-2004
108 FT040009 Rate-Compatible Low-Density Parity Check Codes for Wireless Networks Dr. Salam A. Zummo Dr. Moahed Adnan Landolsi   2003-2004
109 FT030006 Optimized Design and DSP Implementation of CDMA PN Code Synchronization Systems Dr. Mohamed Adnan Landolsi    2002-2003
​110 FT030001 Development of a New Blind Equalization Algorithm using Minimum-Disturbance Technique with Applications to Communication Channels Dr. A. Zerguine Dr. M. Deriche   2002-2003
111 FT030013 Robust Load Frequency Controllers for Multiarea Interconnected Power Systems Dr. M.A. Abido Dr. Y.L. Abdel-Magid   2002-2003
112 IN000252 Robust Shunt Connected FACTS Devices for Power Systems Damping Improvements Dr. A.H. Abdur-Rahim Dr. Samir Al-Baiyat   2002-2003
113 IN000245 Optimization of the Method of Lines for the Analysis of Photonic Bandgap Structures Dr. Husain Al-Jamid    2002-2003
114 IN000236 Trellis-Coded Residual Vector Quantization Based Subband Image Coding Dr. Mohamed A.U. Khan Dr. Mohamed Mohandes          Dr. Omar A. Al-Suwailem 2001-2002
115 IN000232 Automatic Text Recognition: A Need in Arabization Dr. Abdelmalek Zidouri Dr. Muhammad Sarfraz (Information & Computer Sciences)   2001-2002
116 IN000231 Advanced Multivariable Control of a Gas Plant (Sabbatical Leave Proposal) Dr. Husain Al-Duwaish    2001-2002
117 IN000229 Wavelet Transforms and Seismic Compression Dr. Samir Abduljauwad    2001-2002
118 IN000213 Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Fuzzy Unit Commitment Problem Dr. M.H. Mantawy Dr. Youssef Abdel-Magid   2001-2002
​ ​