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 Graduate Program

​The Department of Electrical Engineering offers a wide selection of graduate courses and activities leading to the degrees of Master of Science (M.S.)​, Master of Science in Telecommunication Engineering (M.S.T.E.), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.).

These programs allow students to choose a program of study suited to their interests, individual needs and talents. The programs are broad in perspective and maintain a balance between scholarly excellence and practical relevance.

The programs are oriented towards strengthening the student’s background in the area of their specialization but are so designed as to deepen their understanding in one or more selected areas in electrical engineering. Particular emphasis is placed on developing research potential, fostering and encouraging original research and professional competence in the field of concentration The Department of Electrical Engineering currently offers graduate courses and research activities in a variety of areas that span the full breadth of Electrical Engineering including communications, electromagnetics, modern electronics, control systems, digital signal processing, and energy systems.

For all three programs, the students are required to complete successfully a carefully selected sequence of courses and conduct supervised research where the results will culminate in a written M.S. thesis, M.S.T.E. thesis, or a Ph.D. dissertation, which must be defended by the student.