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 Laser & Microwave Sensing

Concentration Description:

Electromagnetic radiation has a lot of applications in vast range of fields. In this concentration, the focus is on the demand of local stakeholders, who are essential pillars of Vision 2030. Furthermore, we focus on specific utilization theme that can be used in many fields. The concentration is designed to have a balance between foundations and applications in a way that covers wide applications' spectrum, but maintains common background.

Hosting Department : EE

Offered to : PHYS, EE, GEOP

First Semester Course 1 : EE 407- Microwave Engineering

First Semester Course 2 : EE 421- Photonics and Optical Engineering

Second Semester Course 1 : PHYS 415- Lasers & Applications

Second Semester Course 2 : GEOP 422- Remote Sensing