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 Master Of Science In Electrical Engineering

​The program leading to the degree of Master of Science provides an opportunity for the student to pursue advanced studies in a particular field of major interest and an opportunity to engage in research and engineering design.
The master’s program in electrical engineering consists of a total of 30 credit hours: 9 credit hours of core courses in the department’s technical specialty areas to provide breadth, 3 credit hours of MATH elective courses at the 500 or 600 level offered by the Mathematics Department or EE 570, 12 credit hours of elective courses in one subject area to provide depth, at least nine of which are in Electrical Engineering, and 6 credit hours for the thesis.
The core courses include Digital Communication I, Analog Integrated Circuits Design, Design of Digital Systems, Radiation and Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves, Power System Analysis, Linear Control systems, and Digital signal Processing I.
Core Courses
 All students are required to take at least three of the following seven courses:

EE 541 Design of Digital Systems 303
EE 542 Analog Integrated Circuit Design 303
EE 571 Digital Communications I 303
EE 530 Radiation and Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves 303
EE 550 Linear Control Systems 303
EE 562 Digital Signal Processing I 303
EE 520 Power System Analysis 303


A wide range of elective courses exists in all disciplines of electrical engineering including Communications, Electromagnetics, Electronics, Power Systems, Signal and Image Processing, Control Systems, and Digital Systems. In addition, the student can take one elective course from other departments.
A Typical Degree Time Table Full-Time MS Students


A Typical Degree Time Table Part-Time MS Students


Degree Plan
First Semester

EE 570 Stochastic Processes  303 
EE 571 Digital Communications I 303 
EE 530 Radiation and Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves 303 
XX xxx Free Elective 303 


Second Semester

EE 562 Digital Signal Processing I  303 
EE xxx EE Elective 303 
EE xxx EE Elective 303 
EE xxx EE Elective 303 
EE 599 Seminar 100 

Summer Session and Following Semesters

EE 610 Thesis 006 


Thesis Advisor and Thesis Topic

A  thesis  is  required of  all candidates  for the Master of Science (M.S.). The graduate student must contact faculty members in his major field for  a  thesis  topic  as early as possible.  He  must select  a  thesis  topic and  a  thesis advisor  before completing his course  work.  A  thesis  committee shall  be  formed  in  consultation  with  the  thesis  advisor and approved by the Department Chairman and the  Dean  of Graduate Studies.
The  thesis  topic  must  be  in  the  major  field  of  the  student,  and must be formally  approved by the  thesis  advisor,  the  thesis committee,  the Department chairman and the Dean of Graduate Studies.


Upon completion of the research, the written report  must   be   prepared  and approved.  The  thesis  must  be  written  in  conformity  with the general publication regulations of the University. Completed copies of the thesis must  be  submitted  to  the  thesis  advisor,  the thesis committee,  and the  department not less than two weeks prior to the date of the thesis defense.
The thesis defense must be scheduled not less than two weeks  before  the Graduation Convocation.  Four copies  of  the  thesis  incorporating  any necessary corrections and approved by the thesis committee,  and  the  department  chairman, must be submitted to  the  College  of  Graduate  Studies not  less than  ten  days  before  the  Graduation Convocation. An additional copy must be submitted to the Department.

Oral Defence

An  oral examination to defend the M.S. degree thesis is required of all candidates for a M.S. degree.  The student shall, in consultation with his thesis committee and after the approval of the College of Graduate Studies​, arrange the time and place of defending his thesis publicly.