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 EE Old Graduate Seminars (EE 699/599)

Semester 102 | Semester 111 | Semester 112​​

Semester 102

No. Date Title Speaker Area
16 31 May 2011

1. Power Stability Study of a Power System with STATCOM and super-capacitors through Real Time Digital Simulation

2. Study the power quality with FACTS devices

3. Gas Insulated Lines; The Future Power Transmission Solution

4. Competitive Electricity Wholesale Market: A Proposal for Developing Countries

5.Post-compensation of Transmitter's Non-Linear Distortions at the Receiver Using Compressive Sensing Techniques for OFDM Applications

1. Mustafa Al Ramadhan


2. Fouad Al-Zaro


3. Ali Hasan Al-Muhammad


4. Abdul Aziz Al-Naim


5. Damilola Sadiq

Power (1-3), Room 2009


Power (4) and Communications (5), Room 2002


15 24 May 2011

1. Active Plasmonics

2. Dielectric Measurement of Sand

3. Strategic Bidding for Load Serving Entity in Electricity Markets

4. A photo-voltaic damping system for suppressing power system oscillations

5. Analysis of harmonic interactions between DG Inverters and polluted grids

6. Spectrum Sensing Using Compressive Sensing

1. Syed Rashed


2. Yanal Faouri


3. Afzal Biyabani


4. Mohammed Touseef


5. Mohammed Ahmed


6. Zahid Salim

EM/Photonics (1, 2), Room 2002


Power (3,4,5), Room 2009


Communications (6), Room 2002


14 17 May 2011

1. Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radios

2. Acoustic Source Localization: Theory and Algorithms

1. Mr. Umar Raza


2. Mohammad Omer and HaiderAli

13 10 May 2011 LED LaTeX Editor and Mendely Mr. Syed Faraz Ahmed Education
12 3 May 2011 KAUST Visitors  Various topics in Engineering
11 26 Apr 2011 1. Joint Distributed Compression and Encryption in Sensor Networks
2. The utilization of distributed generation in Cost Optimization-Jordan Case Study

1. Dr. Mohammad Abdul Haleem

2. Muhammad Latif (WERTSILA Company)

1. Communications (1pm)

2. Power (2pm)

10  19 Ap​r 2011 Measurements of RF radiation from Mobile Base Stations Dr. Mahmoud Dawoud RF/Microwaves
9 12 Apr 2011 No Seminar  
8 5 Apr 2011 On line Transformer Dissolved Gas Analysis Eng. Yousef Rashidi Power
7 29 Mar 2011 Scheduled Control for Robust Attenuation of Non-stationary Sinusoidal Disturbances Dr. Hakan Koroglu Control
6 22 Mar 2011 Current topics in algebraic coding theory Dr. Harald Niederreiter Communications
5  15 Mar 2011 Thesis Selection and Literature Survey: Challenges for Research Students Dr. Ibrahim Alamin Education
4  8 Mar 2011 Aperture Stacked Array with Analogue-Digital Phase Shifters Dr. Sharif Iqbal RF/Microwaves
3  1 Mar 2011 A model reduction approach for OFDM channel estimation under high mobility conditions Dr. Tareq Al-Naffouri Communications
2  22 Feb 2011 All You Wanted to Know About Metamaterials But Were Afraid to Ask Prof. Raj Mittra (invited) RF/Microwaves
1  15 Feb 2011 No Seminar 

Semester 111

Week Date Title Speaker Area
17 2 Jan 2012 2:00-2:20 pm: Simple microwave technique to monitor 3-phase petroleum carrying pipeline Mr. Yanal Shaher Al Faouri Microwave
1:40-2:00 pm: Nonlinear Controller Design for a UAV System Mr. Syed Asim Hussain Control
1:20-1:40 pm: Resources Allocation for Femtocells Mr. Mohammad Khalifa Communications
1:00-1:20 pm: Current-mode analog computational circuits Mr. Eyas Al-Suhaibani Electronics
16 28 Dec 2011 1:30-2:30 pm: Rotor Fault Condition Monitoring Techniques for Induction Machine Dr. Norman Mariun Power
12:30-1:30 pm: Applications of Continuous-Time Delta Sigma Modulation in Low Power Systems Dr. Ayman Shabra Electronics
27 Dec 2011 Workshop and Talks in Electronics and Energy [Brochure] Dr. Khaled Salamah and Mr. M. Zidan Electronics
15 20 Dec 2011 Seamless Mobility in Hetrogenous Networks Mr. Naveed Iqbal Networks
MEMS/NEMS Solution Eng. Durga Nanotechnology
14 14 Dec 2011 Biomedical Engineering: Education, Research and Challenges [Slides] Dr. Bahattin Karagozoglu Biomedical Engineering
13 6 Dec 2011 Migration to Moodle Mr. Sameir Deif Education
12 28 Nov 2011 Overview of Research/Teaching with Faculty of Engineering (The University of Leeds) Dr. Des McLernon (University of Leeds) 
Physical Layer Security in Multiple Antenna Systems [Slides] Dr. Des McLernon (University of Leeds) Signal Processing
10 15 Nov 2011 Recent Developments in Nanoelectronic Devices and Circuits Dr. Mohammad Taher Abul-Maati Electronics
9 8 Nov 2011 No Seminar  
8 1 Nov 2011 No Seminar  
7 25 Oct 2011 Adaptive Transmission Schemes and Interference Management for Wireless Networks Dr. Redha M. Radaydeh Communications
6 18 Oct 2011 4-layer folded microstrip power divider for array antennas Dr. Sheikh Sharif Iqbal RF/Microwaves
5 11 Oct 2011 NI Machine Vision System and LabView Applications Mr. Zahi Matar (NI) Signal Processing
4 4 Oct 2011 Characterization of Obstructed Through Wall Propagation Dr. Ali Muqaibel Communications
3 27 Sep 2011 No Seminar  
2 20 Sep 2011 Electrically Small Antennas for 4G Handsets Dr. Mohammad S. Sharawi RF/Microwaves
1 13 Sep 2011 No Seminar   

Semester 112

Week Date Title Speaker Abstract Slides Area
1 31-Jan-12 No Seminar    
2 7-Feb-12 Robust Nonlinear Least Squares via Consecutive LMI Optimizations Dr. Hakan Koroglu [docx  Control
2 8-Feb-12 What Are Solitons and Where Do They Exist Prof. George Stegeman   Optics
3 14-Feb-12 Enabling Greener Energy in a Smarter Grid for a Cooler Earth Dr. Ali Al-Awami [docx  Power
4 19-Feb-12

13:10 - 15:00:

Bio-Inspired Cognition, Adaptation, and Learning over Networks

15:30 - 16:30:

Non-technical talk with graduate students

Dr. Ali Sayed (UCLA, USA)   Signal Processing
4 21-Feb-12 08:30 - 16:00:
"Workshop on Electromagnetics" by Distingueshed Professor in EE Dept, Dr. Raj Mittra
[Workshop Detailed Schedule]
Dr. Raj Mittra   Electromagnetics
5 28-Feb-12 Resource Allocation for MIMO-OFDMA Systems with Fairness Constraints Dr. Samir Al-Ghadban [docx  Communications
6 6-Mar-12 The Era of Discreteness in Optics Prof. George Stegeman   Optics
7 13-Mar-12 Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Using High Order Statistics Deconvolution and Adaptive Filtering Algorithms Mr. Saeed Al-Jabri   Electromagnetics
8 20-Mar-12     
9 27-Mar-12 No Seminar    
10 3-Apr-12 Performance Analysis in Classification Problems using the Receiver Operating Characteristic Approach Dr. Mohamed Deriche Cancelled Signal Processing
11 10-Apr-12 On the Design of efficient electrostatic preceptors: Experimental Findings Dr. Zakariya Al-Hamouz Cancelled Power 
12 17-Apr-12 Phd Proposal: Random Multiple Access: Frequency Selective Fading and Resource Management Mr. Khurram Masoud   Communication
13 24-Apr-12 Residential Voltage Change from 220/127-V to 400/230-V Systems, Why, When and How Dr. Ibrahim El-Amin [docx]    Power
14 1-May-12 A Virtual Velocity Attractor, Harmonic Potential Approach for Joint Planning and Control of a UAV Dr. Ahmad A. Masoud   Control
15 8-May-12

Students' Presentations (I):


1. 13:00-13:20: Optimization And Implementation Of Sample 7-Element Linear Directive Printed Antenna


2. 13:20-13:40: Microwave Monitoring Of Fluid Level In The Petroleum Carrying Pipeline


3. 13:40-14:00: LDPC Codes Design For Feedback Based Cooperative Diversity Schemes


4. 14:00-14:20: Equalizers


5. 14:20-14:40: Metamaterials: An Overview & Application In Antenna Designs

1. Mr. Rifaqat Hussain

2. Mr. Yanal Al-Faouri

3. Mr. Hussain Ali

 4. Mr. Naveed Iqbal

5. Mr. M. U. Khan

16 15-May-12 10:00 - 10:50: Performance Analysis Of The Epsilon-Nlms Algorithm Dr. Muhammad Moinuddin   Signal Processing
16 15-May-12

Students' Presentations (II):


1. 13:00-13:20: Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms For Adaptive Equalization


2. 13:20-13:40: MPPT Algorithm For The Control Of DC-Dc Boost Controller In Grid Connected PV System


3. 13:40-14:00: Programmable Multi-Gain Current Amplifier


4. 14:00-14:20: Memristor Based Analog Circuits

1. Mr. Adil Humayun Khan


2. Mr. Sheraz Muhammad


3. Mr. Al-Ees Osama Zaid


4. Mr. Zainulabeddin Khalifah

   Signal Processing