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 Other Publications (Sep. 2010 - Sep. 2011)

​Books/Book Chapters


1Badr M. Abdullah, Monitoring of Welding using Laser Diodes, Book Title: Laser Diode, ISBN 979-953-307-326-1, Book edited by: Dr. D. S. Patil, Reader in Electronics, Department of Electronics, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon, India, Accepted June 2011.
2M. S. Sharawi, Augmentation Systems: The Use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) in Aviation," Book Chapter in Technology Engineering and Management in Aviation: Advancements and Discoveries, Edited by E. Abu Taieh, et. al., IGI Global Publisher, USA, ISBN: 9781609608873, May 2011.
3A. H. Muqaibel, M. Al-Sunaidi, N. M. Iya and A. Safaai-Jazi, "Chapter 1: Wall Attenuation and Dispersion" , Book Chapter in: Through Wall Radar Imaging, Expected Publication Date, Dec 2010-Jan 2011
4Ahmad A. Masoud, "Harmonic Potential Fields: an Effective Tool for Generating a Self-Organizing Behavior", in: "Self Organizing Maps - Applications and Novel Algorithm Design", Ed. Josphat Igadwa Mwasiagi, InTech, January 2011, ISBN 978-953-307-546-4.
5W. A. Mousa and A. A. Al-Shuhail, "Processing of Seismic Reflection Data Using MATLABTM", Morgan & Claypool Publishers, September 2011,



1A. Daraiseh and M.A. Landolsi, Adaptive Wireless Process Control System and Method, Application No. 61/049,682, U.S. Patent Office
2Gondal, M. A., Pola, J., Masoudi, H. M. and Yamani, Z. and A. Al-Arfaj, Title of invention: "Laser-Based Method for the Removal of Sulfur (DMDBT) in Hydrocarbon Fuels", US PATENT No.: US 7,871,501 B2, Date of Patent: 18th of January 2011.
3C. Barajas-olalde, W. A. Mousa, A. Ennaifer & P. Ligneul, "Apparatus and methods for attenuation seismic noise associated with atmospheric pressure fluctuations", US patent no. 2011/0075514 A1, 31st March 2011


Technical Reports

1A. El-Azzouni and M. A. Abido, "Finance-Based Scheduling of Construction Projects Using Evolutionary and Heuristic Algorithms," IN080422, KFUPM, August 2011.
2A. Rahim, I. Elamin, and M. A. Abido, ?Study of the Impact of Dynamic Interaction of Wind Systems with Multimachine Power System,? RG1006-1&2, KFUPM, August 2011.
3M. A. Abido and I. M. Al-Amin, "Increasing the Power Transfer Capability of the Saudi Electricity Company Interconnected East-Central System," King Abdel-Aziz City of Science & Technology, KACST, June 2011.
4M. M. Arif, M. A. Abido, and et. al., "Captive Power Generation Policy And Potential," Research Inistitute, SEC Project S30802, August 2011.
5Omar Hanafy and M. A. Abido, "Mission Analysis and Trajectory Optimization for a Low Cost, Air- Launch System for Nano and Pico Satallites, Fast Track # FT090020, KFUPM, February 2011.
6A. Zerguine, O. Hammi, M.A. Landolsi, Adapative Impairments Modeling in Broadband Nonlinear Transmitters, Research Proposal, KFUPM DSR, May 2011
7A.Sheikh, M. Deriche, M.A. Landolsi, W. Mesbah, Cooperative Distributed Spectrum Sensing in Wireless Broadband Cognitive Radio, Research Proposal, KFUPM, DSR, May 2011
8M M. H. Shwehdi, M. A. Gondal, U. M. Johar, "Identifying the Causes of Low Voltage Cables Outages by Applying Explicit Measures & LIBS" Prepared Final approved report of KFUPM Internal Project (# IN080427)
9Ali Muqaibel, M. Adnan Landolsi, A. Al-Ahmari and Umar Johar, "High-Resolution UWB Positioning", Final report of KACST (NSITP 08-ELE44-4-1)
10Essam Hassan, Hassan Ragheb and Jamil bakhashwain,  Study of the tropospheric EM wave propagation under anomalous atmospheric conditions in the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea’. Final Report, Accepted May 2011
11Essam E. Hassan,? Design of superdirective antenna using spatial filter concept?, Final report submitted to DSR and accepted, April 2011
12Hakan Koroglu, "New Optimization Methods for Improved Proximity Matching in Lithography", Technical Report, ASML, December 2010.
13Maan A. Kousa (PI) and A. Shafi," Performance of IP Telephony (IPT) over KFUPM Wireless Networks: Further Investigations and Suggestions for Improvemen" SB100008
14H. M. Masoudi (PI), M. A. Alsunaidi, H. A. Jamid and K. K. Qureshi, "Modeling Ultra Short Optical Pulse Propagation in Linear Dispersive and Dispersive Second Order Nonlinear Materials", Submitted to King Abdualaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), two years, SR ~900,000, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, November 2011.
15H. M. Masoudi (PI), "Modeling Ultra Short Pulse Propagation in Optical Nanostructures" Pre-Proposal, NSTIP-KACST, June 2011.
16H. M. Masoudi (PI), and M. Gondal "Laser Gas-Phase Deposition of Unique Ge/C and Te/C Nanocomposites" Pre-Proposal, NSTIP-KACST, June 2011.
17Sheikh Sharif Iqbal, M. A. Al-Sunaidi, Raj Mittra, and H. M. Masoudi, " Metamaterial-based Directive Phase Array Antenna for Microwave Traffic Radars (Saher)" , PRE-PROPOSAL, KACST Annual Grant, Feb. 2011.
18Sheikh S. I. (CI) and Essam Hassan (PI), ?Design Of Microwave Filters Using Continuously Varying Transmission Lines?, Final Report, SABIC funded project (SB-08-0010), 2010
19Sheikh S. I. (PI), Saad Al-Sharani (CI) and Umar Johar (CI)., Design of Active 24-GHz Microstrip linear phased array ant. for microwave sensors, Final report, KFUPM funded project (IN-07-0345), 2010
20Sheikh S. I. and M. Sharawi, "Design and implementation of Aperture Stacked Microstrip Power Splitter for Microwave Communication Systems , 2nd Progress report of a KFUPM Fast track funded project (FT-00013), 2011
21M. Sharawi and Sheikh S. I., "Design or Antenna Arrays for Long Term Evolution (LTE) Handsets , Final report of a SABIC funded project (SB-10009), 2011
22M. S. Sharawi, " Design of Antenna Arrays for Long Term Evolution (LTE) handsets;, Final SABIC Project (SB100009) Report, KFUPM, DSR, August 2011.
23Asrar Sheikh, A research Proposal - Cooperative Distributed Blind Spectral Sensing for Wireless Broadband Cognitive Radio
24Asrar Sheikh, Measurement and Characterization of Wideband MIMO Channels - Final Report on Fast Track Project, SB090010
25Al-Hamouz Z., "Method of Modeling Fly Ash Collection Efficiency in Wire-Duct Electrostatic Precipitators", filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on April 11, 2011.
26A. Zerguine, Mean Fourth Algorithm: Applications to Mobile Communications Final Report, June 2011.
27Azzedine Zerguine and Salam Zummo, ?Variable Step-Size Strategy over Adaptive Sensor Networks,? Final Report, June 2011.
28M. Sunaidi, A. Yamani, A. ?Investigation of Soil Moisture using Advanced GPR Data Analysis and Processing: Application to pipe leak detection?, KACST, APR 108-29, 2st detailed report, August 2011.
29Yamani, A. ";Corrosion Evaluation Using A New Electrochemical Impedance Measurement Technique, KACST, APR 135-28, 3rd report, June. 2011.
30Yamani, A. ";Corrosion Evaluation Using A New Electrochemical Impedance Measurement Technique, KACST, APR 135-28, 4th ( detailed) report, Jan. 2011.
31El-Amin I, et al " Assessment of the Impact of Wind Turbine & Photovoltaic Systems on Electrical Grid, RE-01-2008, Final Report , MOHE
32El-Amin, I et al,"Development of Electricity Generation & Transmission Plans (EGTP) CER2307" Final Report MOWE Riyadh June 2011
33Azzedine Zerguine, Salam Zummo and Mohammad Omer Bin Saeed "A Variable Step-Size Strategy over Adaptive Sensor Networks," Fast-Track Project no. FT100012, Deanship of Scientific Research, KFUPM, Final Report, July 2011
34Salam Zummo, "Spectral Efficiency of Diversity Schemes in Wireless Environments," SABIC Project no. SB090006, Deanship of Scientific Research, KFUPM, Final Report, November 2010.
35Salam Zummo, Munir Al-Absi, Ahmar Shafea and Farooq Sultan, "Wireless Sensor Networks, A Prototype Implementation," KACST Project no. ? ? – 2 – 6, King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology (KACST), Final Report, September 2010.
36Belhadj C. A.," The Impact Of Wind Turbine & Photovoltaic Systems On Electrical Grids) to CENTER OF RESEARCH EXCELLENCE IN RENEWABLE ENERGY. " 25 october till 6 November" 2010.
37Belhadj C. A.,"Modelling, Simulation, and Performance Assessment of Variable Frequency Drives for Air-Condition System" to KACST, the National Plan for Science and technology and Innovation, February 2011.
38Belhadj C. A.Proposed For EE Bachelor Degree Program for Hafr Al-Batin Community College (HBCC) "Two tracks of B.Sc. Program in Electrical Engineering 1.Power & control, 2. Electronics & Communication" August 13, 2011