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 Other Publications (Sep. 2011 - Aug. 2012)

​Books/Book Chapters 


1S.Z. Rizvi, H.N. Al-Duwaish, "Use of Swarm Intelligence for the Identification of a Class of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems," Book Chapter in: Computational Intelligence, ISBN 978-3-642-27533-3, Madani et al. (eds.), Studies in Computational Intelligence Series, vol. 399, chap. 22, pp. 331-344, Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany, 2012.
2Raza Umar and Asrar U. H. Sheikh, Spectrum sensing for Cognitive radio, Chapter accepted for inclusion in the forthcoming book, Developments in Wireless Network Prototyping, Design and Deployment: Future Generations, to be published by IGI Global, 2012
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Asrar U. H. Sheikh, “ Principles of Transmission and Detection of Digital Signals, in:Digital Communication", Chapter 1, pp.1 28, In Tech Open Access Publishers, University Campus, STeP Ri, Slavka Krautzeka 83/A 51000 Rijeka, Croatia, 2012. ISBN 979 953 307 545 6, 2012., March 2012

5W. A. Mousa and A. A. Al-Shuhail, "Processing of Seismic Reflection Data Using MATLABTM", Morgan & Claypool Publishers, September 2011:

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8M. Nuruzzaman, "Digital Image: Theories, Algorithms, and Applications", CreateSpace, Washington, June 24, 2012.
9S. Abrar, A. Zerguine, and A. K. Nandi, Adaptive Blind Equalization, Book Chapter, INTECH, Publishers, 2012.



1Salam Zummo, Ahmad Salim, and Samir Al Ghadhban, "Optimal Power Allocation Method for an LSSTC Wireless Transmission System", United States Patent U.S. 8219138 July 2012.
2A. Daraiseh and M.A. Landolsi, "Adaptive Hybrid Wireless and Wired Process Control System and Method,"; Patent No. US2010055236, European Patent Office (extension to previous patent),
3Prof. Mohammed Ali Abido, Dr. Ashraf Mohamed Attia Elazouni KFUPM , "Method of Generating Precedence-Preserving Crossover and Mutation Operations in Genetic Algorithms", U.S. Patent# 8250007, August 21, 2012
4Dr. Tareq Yousaf Al-Naffouri, Mr. Muhammad Saqib Sohail KFUPM and KACST, "OFDM Inter-Carrier Interference Cancellation Method", July 17, 2012 , U.S. Patent# 8223862
5Dr. Saad Mohammad AlShahrani, Dr. Abdelhafid Bouhraoua , "Frequency Synthesizer", July 10, 2012, U.S. Patent# 8217783
6Dr. Saad Mohammad AlShahrani,"Method of Estimating and Removing Noise in OFDM Systems", July 10, 2012, U.S. Patent# 8217692
7Dr. Tareq Yousaf Al-Naffouri, Mr. Ahmed Abdul , "Method of Estimating and Removing Noise in OFDM Systems", July 03, 2012 , U.S. Patent# 8213525
8Dr. Tareq Yousaf Al-Naffouri, Mr. Ahmed Abdul Quadeer , "Cyclic Prefix-Based Enhanced Data Recovery Method", June 5, 2012, U.S. Patent# 8194799
9H. N. Al-Duwaish , "Method of Performing Parallel Search Optimization", May 29, 2012, U.S. Patent# 8190536
10Dr. Muhammad Taher Abuelmaatti , "Voltage-Controlled Dual-Slope Square and Triangular Waveform Generator", May 29, 2012, U.S. Patent# 8188773
11H. N. Al-Duwaish, S. Z. Rizvi, "Method for Identifying Hammerstein Models," US Patent# 8260732 B2.
12Dr. Muhammad Taher Abuelmaatti, Mr. Husam Al-Shammari , "555 Timer-Based Phase-to-Voltage Converter", May 29, 2012, U.S. Patent# 8188734


Technical Reports

1Sheikh S. I. (CI), MM Dawoud (PI), Essam Hassan (CI) and Umar Johar (CI)., "Design of Active 24 GHz Microstrip linear phased array ant. for microwave sensors", 2nd progress report, KFUPM funded project (AT 29 104), February 2012
2Sheikh S. I. (PI), Hassan Ragheb (CI), "Design of a Directive Ferrite Loaded Waveguide Antenna for Multi directional Beam Steering", Accepted funded project proposal, KFUPM funded project (SB 111014), April 2012.
3Sheikh S. I. and M. Sharawi, "Design and implementation of Aperture Stacked Microstrip Power Splitter for Microwave Communication Systems", Final report of a KFUPM Fast track funded project (FT 00013), December, 2011.
4A.B.Numan, Sheikh S. Iqbal, "UWB Stacked Patch Antenna with Defected Ground Plane", 6th Graduate Seminar, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia, February, 2012.
5R. Hussain, F. Sultan and Sheikh S. Iqbal, "Microstrip Linear Array Antenna with Increased Directivity", 6th Graduate Seminar, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia, February, 2012
6Uthman Baroudi, Umar Johar, and Noman Tasaduq, "Performance Analysis of KFUPM Graduate Students", Final report of KFUPM (OPQ Project) (After final review)
7Ali Muqaibel, M. Adnan Landolsi, A. Al Ahmari and Umar Johar, "High Resolution UWB Positioning", Final report of KACST (NSITP 08 ELE44 4 1) (After final review).
8Essam Hassan and Hassan Ragheb, "Novel Technique for measuring the dielectric constant and the conductivity of substances through open end waveguide radiating into cavity resonator", Proposal accepted by SABIC research funding.
9Hassan Ragheb and Essam Hassan, "Radiation from axial slot on a conducting circular cylinder coated with eccentric dielectric and partially embedded in a ground plane", Proposal accepted by KFUPM research funding.
10H. M. Masoudi, H. A. Jamed, "Modeling Ultra Short Pulse Propagation in Optical Nanostructures", submitted to King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), SR 750,000, April 2012.
11K.K. Qureshi, "Simulation of of broadband fiber ring lasers" project no. SB100007, outcome based research project final report, DSR, KFUPM, 2011
12H. Alzaher, N. Tasadduq, and M. Al Gamdi "A Digital Controller for DC DC Buck Converter with Enhanced Light Load Efficiency" Accepted by KACST
13Chokri Salah Abdallah Belhaj, "Novel Tracking and Mitigation Strategies for Power Quality and Reliability Improvement in Electric Networks", Sept. 2011.
14Chokri Salah Abdallah Belha, "Two tracks of B.Sc. Program in Electrical Engineering 1. Power & control, 2. Electronics & Communication", Proposed For EE Bachelor Degree Program for Hafr Al Batin Community College (HBCC), Sept. 2011.
15M. Sunaidi, A. Yamani, A., "Investigation of Soil Moisture using Advanced GPR Data Analysis and Processing: Application to pipe leak detection", KACST, APR 108 29, Final report, August 2012.
16Zerguine S. A. Zummo, "A Blind Strategy over Adaptive Sensor Networks", Final Report, (SABIC SB101024), August, 2012.
17A.H.M.A.Rahim, M.A.Abido, I.M.El Amin, "Study of the Impact of Dynamic Interaction of Wind Systems with Multimachine Power System", KFUPM Research Group Project RG1006 1&1006 2, March 2010 August 2011, Final Report Nov 2011.
18Muqaibel, M.A. Landolsi, A. AlAhmari, U. Johar, "Ultra Wideband High Resolution Positioning," KACST NSTIP Project Final Report (accepted, with minor editorial correction)
19I.O.Habiballah; "Robust State Estimation and Monitoring of Power System Smart Grids", Sabbatical Proposal Submitted and Approved by DSR for the Academic year 2011 2012.
20I.O.Habiballah; "Robust State Estimation and Monitoring of Power System Smart Grids", Sabbatical Final Report Submitted to DSR, September 2012.
21M. Kassas, "Modeling, Simulation, and Performance Assessment of Variable Frequency Drives for Air Condition System"