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 Patents assigned to EE Department (Sept. 2016-Aug. 2017)


1A Al-Shaikhi, M Elhassan, A Masoud, "Target-seeking control method and system for mobile robots" US Patent 9,623,564
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3Mohannad A. Elhassan, Sagar, Munir Al-Absi and M.Taher Abuelmaatti  ; New fast folding amplifier, US9461593 B1, Oct, 2016. November 1, 2016
4M.T. Abuelma'atti and E.S. Al-Suhaibani, Current-feedback operational amplifier-based sinusoidal oscillator, Patent Number US 9,503,098, November 22, 2016
5M.T. Abuelma'atti and S.K. Dhar, Floating immittance emulator, Patent Number US 9,548,721, January 17, 2017
6M.K. Al-Absi, E.S. Al-Suhaibani and M.T. Abuelma'atti, Compact C-multiplier, Patent Number US 9,553,562, January 24, 2017
7M.T. Abuelma'atti and Z. J. Khalifa, Floating memristor emulator, Patent Number US 9,619,596 B2, April, 2017
8Munir A. Al-Absi and Ibrahim As-Sabban" Current-mode squaring circuit" US # 9507970, Nov 2016.
9Munir A. Al-Absi, Zainulabdeen Khlaifah and Alaa Hussein, Capacitor-less LED drive, US #9648684, May 2017.
10Mohammad S. Sharawi and Rifaqat Hussain, Reconfigurable MIMO And Sensing Antenna,  Patent number US 9,698,495, issued 4 July 2017.
11Mohammad S. Sharawi and Rifaqat Hussain, “Microwave radio direction finding system,” 9,482,735, November 1, 2016.
12Mohammad S. Sharawi, Millimeter (mm) wave Switched Beam Antenna System,  Patent number US 9,692,126, issued 27 June 2017.
13Mohammad S. Sharawi and Rifaqat Hussain, Four Element Reconfigurable MIMO Antenna System,  Patent number US 9,666,946, issued 30 May 2017. 4.Microwave Radio Direction Finding
14Hussain Abdullah Alzaher Reconfigurable intergrator/differentiator circuit based on current follower US 9306508 B1 Apr 5, 2016
15Hussain Abdullah Alzaher, Mohammad Khalaf Alghamdi Ultra-low frequency bio-medical active-RC lowpass filters US 9564874 B1 Feb 7, 2017
16Hussain Abdullah Alzaher Reconfigurable integrator/differentiator circuit using current follower based simulated inductor US 9582687 B2 Feb 28,2017
17Sharif I. Mitu, Farooq Sultan and Raj Mittra, Ferrite-Loaded, Fabry-Perot Cavity Antenna;, U.S. Patent No. US9035843,
18M. Mohandes, M. Deriche, A. Salihu, “Arabic sign language recognition using multi-sensor data fusion” , US 9672418 B2, 6 June 2017
19M. A. Abido and M. Sheraz, “Photovoltaic systems with maximum power point tracking controller,” US Patent No. US9461535, 2016.
20M. A. Abido and M. Sheraz, “Parking lot shade for generating electricity having a photovoltaic system that tracks a maximum power point,” US Patent No. US9590425, 2017.
21A. T. Al-Awami and G. M. A. Akhtar, ‘Autonomous charging management system for electric vehicles,’ Issued by USPO on April 11, 2017, patent # US14/641249.
22Wessam Mesbah, “Method, device, and computer readable medium for correcting at least one error in reading of electricity meters,” US9747790, issued Aug. 2017.
23AE Abdelrahman, O Hammi, A Zerguine, Weighted memory polynomial method and system for power amplifiers predistortion, US Patent 9,461,597, October 2016
24N Iqbal, A Zerguine, Apparatuses and methodologies for decision feedback equalization using particle swarm optimization, US Patent 9,614,699, April 2017
25Yousef Shnaiwer and Salam A. Zummo, “A Greedy Algorithm for Profit Maximization in Two-Tier Cognitive Radio Networks", U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Patent Number: US9661503, Issued, May 2017.
26Anas Salhab and Salam A. Zummo, “Primary Channel Selection Method for Relay Networks", U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Patent Number: US9622086, Issued, April 2017.