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 Research Labs: Antennas and Microwave Structures Design Laboratory (AMSDL)

Antennas and Microwave Structures Design Laboratory




Attn: Prof. Mohammad S. Sharawi


Electrical Engineering Department, Box: 34

Building 59, Room 2088 

KFUPM, Dhahran 31261 Saudi Arabia


Welcome to the AMSD laboratory (AMSDL) webpage at the EE department at KFUPM.

This page will show our latest designs (that are already published) in printed antennas and microwave structures for various wireless communication standards.

Detailed Publications are listed under the Publications page.

Laboratory people:

     Current Students:

        1. Mr. Ahmad Oweis, MSc Student.

        2. Mr. Saeed Haidhah, MSc Student.

        3. Mr. Asim Ghalib, PhD. student, (Proposal Accepted).       

        4. Mrs. Princy Paul, NIT, India, PhD. Student (Co-Adviser), (Proposal Accepted).


      Graduated Students:

        22. Dr. Hussain Ali, PhD, Dec. 2017.

        21. Mr. Monjed Al-Tarifi, MSc., May 2017.  

        20. Mr. Abdul-Rahman AlSir, MSc., May 2017.

        19. Mr. Muhammad Tayyeb, MSc., May 2017.

        18. Mr. Syed S. Jahangir, MSc., Feb. 2017.

        17. Mr. Muhammad Ikram, MSc., Dec. 2016.

        16. Mr. Abdelmoniem Hasan, MSc, May 2016.

        15. Mr. Mohammad Tammam, MSc, May 2016.

        14. Mr. Ahmad Salih, MSc., Dec. 2015.

        13. Mr. Sagar K.Dhar, MSc., Mar. 2015.

        12. Mr. Ali Al-Reshaid, MSc, Dec. 2014.

        11. Dr. Farooq Sultan, PhD, Dec. 2014, (Co-Adviser)

        10. Dr. Rifaqat Hussain, PhD, Dec. 2014.

        9. Dr. Mohammad Umar Khan, PhD, Dec. 2014.

        8. Mr. Saeed Dweik, MSc, May 2014.

        7. Mr. Samir Deif, MSc, May 2013.

        6. Mr. Ahmed Bilal Numan, MSc, April 2013.

        5. Mr. Mohammad Adel, MSc, Jan 2013.

        4. Mr. Haider Ali, MSc, May 2012.

        3. Mr. Mohammad Omer Rauf, MSc, January 2012.

        2. Mr. Mohammad Azam Jan, MSc, June 2011.

        1. Mr. Yanal Al-Faouri, MSc, June 2010, (Co-Adviser)


International/National Collaboration:

  • Prof. Yahia Antar, Royal Military College (RMC), Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

  • Prof. Raj Mittra, University of Central Florida, FL, and Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA.

  • Prof. Fadhel Ghannouchi, iRadio Laboratory, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

  • Prof. John Volakis, Electroscience Laboratory, Ohio University, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

  • Prof. Kamal Sarabandi, Radiation Laboratory, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

  • Prof. Eva Rajo-Iglesias, Carlos III University, Madrid, Spain.

  • Prof. Symon Podilchak, Heriot-Watt University, Edinbrugh, Scotland, UK.

  • Prof. AbdelRazik Sebak, Concordia University, Quebec, Canada.

  • Prof. Wonbin Hong, Pohang University of Science and Technology, Pohang, South Korea.

  • Dr. Hongwei Liu, Huawei Inc., USA.

  • Prof. Daniel N. Aloi, Applied Electromagnetics and Wireless Laboratory, Oakland University, Michigan, USA.

  • Prof. Osamah Rawashdeh, Embedded Systems Research Lab, Oakland University, USA.

  • Prof. Oualid Hammi, American University of Sharjah, UAE.

  • Prof. Atif Shamim, King Abdullah University for Science and Technology (KAUST), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Laboratory Capabilities:

      1. Design State of the art Printed Antennas and RF/Microwave Structures.

        2. Fabricate printed Antennas and RF/Microwave circuits.

        3. Assemble and rework RF/Microwave circuits (both through hole and SMT).

        4. System Level integration of RF/Microwave circuits and systems.

        5. Analysis and characterization of printed antennas and RF/Microwave structures.


Some Laboratory Pictures (our equipment collection is expanding):



            (a)  PCB prototyping, LPKF S103.        (b) SMD rework station.


                                     N9918A FieldFox Handheld Microwave Combination Analyzer, 26.5 GHz

           (c) Microscope 60x                                (d) Agilent Field Fox, VNA + SA, 26 GHz.


        (e)   Agilent PNA (67GHz)                      (f) Agilent MSO Oscilloscope


Selected Designs (details in publications):

I)  [2017] Miniaturized Yagi-Based MIMO Antennas, [J55],[J61],[J68]


H)  [2016] Active Integrated MIMO Antennas, [J48],[J51], [C77], [C66],


G) [2015] Millimeter Wave Switched Beam Antenna System at 28 GHz, [C69],[C71],[C72]


F) [2014] Novel Reconfigurable MIMO and UWB antennas for Cognitive Radios, [J38], [J41], [C59], [C63]...


E) [2013] Use of MTM like structures for Miniaturization in MIMO Printed Antennas (MTM-inspired) [J27], [J29], [J33], ...


D) [2013] Use of MTM like structures for Isolation Enhancement in MIMO Printed Antennas [J25], [C40], [C43]




C) [2012] Novel 4-Shaped MIMO Antenna system (2x1 and 2x2) [J20], [J24], [C29], [C31], [C34]


B) [2012] Circular V-Shaped Antenna Array  [J22], [J23], [C30], [C33]


A) [2011] Meander Line 2x1 MIMO Antenna System [J16], [C25], [C26]