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 Technical Electives (XXXX-xxx )

Students can take any 4xx level courses offered by College of Engineering, College of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Science and College of Environmental Design provided that all pre-requisite and co-requisite conditions are met and cross-listed courses are observed.

In addition, they can take any of the following 3xx and 2xx courses:

List of Technical Electives (XXXX-xxx) 

Course Code 

Course title

ME 203

Thermodynamics I 

ME 204

Thermodynamics II 

PHYS 203

Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Materials

PHYS 211


PHYS 212

Modern Physics

PHYS 215

Introduction to Astronomy

PHYS 261


MATH 232

Introduction to Sets and Structures

ICS 253

Discrete Structures I

GEOL 303

Sustaining the Earth

CISE 301 

Numerical Methods 

CISE 312 

Instrumentation Engineering ( Restriction: Can't be taken with  EE 434)

COE 305

Microcomputer System Design ( Restriction: Can't be taken with EE 429)

COE 360

Principles of VLSI Design

STAT 361

Operations Research I

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