Al-Shaikhi, Ali Ahmad​ ​
Chairman and Assistant Professor
Research Interests:
PAPR reduction in OFDM system, Design and/or Analysis of Erasure coding, Product Codes, Network coding, cross layer design in computer networks, Wavelet and Filter Banks.
Email: shaikhi@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-2610
Office Location: Building 59 Room 0074 

Abido, Mohammed Ali Y ​​ 

University Distinguished Professor
Research Interests:
Power System, Optimization and Control, Intelligent Systems
Email: mabido@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-4379
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1077

El-Amin, Ibrahim M.


Research Interests:

Power Systems, Power Quality and System Harmonics, High Voltage DC transmission, Energy Conservation and Electrical Safety.

Email: imelamin@kfupm.edu.sa,Phone: +966-3-860-2290
Office Location: Building 59 Room 2098

Al-Baiyat, Samir A.​ 


Professor  & Supervisor TTIE

Research Interests:

Control Systems, Nonlinear Systems, Model Reduction 

Email: sbaiyat@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-2500

Office Location: Building 59 Room 2090 

Al-Hamouz, Zakariya M.
Research Interests:
Computational Electrostatics, HVDC Transmission Lines, Control and Planning of Power Systems, Air pollution Control
Email: zhamouz@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-2782
Office Location: Building 59 Room 2074 

Hassan, Essam E.M.
Research Interests:
Microwave elements and devices, communication links
Email: ehassan@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-2370
Office Location: Building 59 Room 2100 
Al-Jamid, Hussain A.
Research Interests:
Integrated Optics device simulation
Email: hajamed@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-2141
Office Location: Building 59 Room 2088
Research Interests:
Waveguide Antennas, Scattering and Microstrip Antennas 
Email: hragheb@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-2792
Office Location: Building 59 Room 2084
Al-Sunaidi, M. A. 
Research Interests: 
Physical modeling of linear and non-linear phenomena in semiconductor and integrated photonic devices, design and analysis of novel optoelectronic, plasmonic and other nano-photonic devices with applications in solid-state lighting, optical communications, bio-sensing and imaging. Fields of expertise include Optoelectronics and Photonics, Solid-state Physics, Electromagnetics, Plasmonics, Computing and Modeling.
Email: msunaidi@kfupm.edu.sa Phone: +966-3-860-2776
Office Location: Building 59 Room 0027
Research Interests:
Modeling Optical Devices, Modeling Electroagnetic Problems, Optical Communication
Email: husainm@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-4984
Office Location: Building 59 Room 2094
University Distinguished Professor
Research Interests:
Analysis and Design of nonlinear electronic circuits and systems, analog integrated circuits and active network design.
Email: mtaher@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-2796
Office Location: Building 59 Room 2082
Sharawi, Mohammad S.                                                                                                                                        
Research Interests:
​Applied Electromagnetics, MIMO Antenna Systems, Re-configurable Antennas, Active Integrated Antennas, Millimeter-wave Antennas, Printed Antenna Arrays and RF circuit design. 
Email: msharawi@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-4810
Office Location: Building 59, Room 1091
Research Interests:
CMOS Mixed Signal Circuits and Systems, Baseband wireless applications
Email: alzaherh@kfupm.edu.saPhone: +966-3-860-1434
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1069
Professor and Dean of Graduate Studies
Research Interests:
Design and analysis of error control codes, diversity techniques, multi-antenna systems, channel estimation techniques and  iterative receivers for wireless communication systems
Email: zummo@kfupm.edu.sa , Phone: +966-3-860-1634/2844
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1071
Research Interests: 
Adaptive Filtering, Digital Communications, Signal Processing in Communications
azzedine@kfupm.edu.saPhone: +966-3-860-4430
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1068
Abdul-Jauwad, Samir H.                                                                                                                                    
Associate Professor & Director General of Environment, Health & Safety
Research Interests:
Signal Processing, Signal Compression 
Email: samara@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-2337 & 7899
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1070 &  Building 42-317
 Al-Absi, Munir A. K.                                                                                                                                           
Associate Professor
Research Interests: 
MOS Modeling, CMOS Analog design 
Email: mkulaib@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-3696
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1090​
Bakhashwain, Jamil M.                                                                                                                                       
Associate Professor
Research Interests: 
Control Systems, Modeling and Simulation, Robotics, Management of Magnetic Fields
Email: jamilb@kfupm.edu.saPhone: +966-3-860-3262
Office Location: Building 59 Room 2086
Deriche, Mohamed                                                                                                                                             
Associate Professor
Research Interests: 
Signal Processing, Multiscale Analysis, Speech/Audio/Image/Video compression using Wavelets, Fractal Analysis, Multimedia applications, Biometrics, and Medical Imaging.
Email: mderiche@kfupm.edu.saPhone: +966-3-860-1523
Office Location: Building 59 Room 2083 
Al-Duwaish, Hussain N.                                                                                                                                      
Associate Professor
Research Interests: 
Advanced Process Control, Neural Networks, System Identification
Email: hduwaish@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-2747
Office Location: Building 59 Room 2085
Habiballah, Ibrahim O.                                                                                                                                        
Associate Professor
Research Interests: 
Power System Operation and Planning
Email: ibrahimh@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-4985
Office Location: Building 59 Room 2080
Kassas, Mahmoud                                                                                                                                                
Associate Professor
Research Interests:
Energy Systems, Control Systems and Automations 
Email: mkassas@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-2271
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1081
Kousa, Maan                                                                                                                                                          ​
Associate Professor
Research Interests:
Wireless Systems, Channel Coding, Communication Networks
Email: makousa@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-2516
Office Location: Building 59 Room 2081
Masoud, Ahmad                                                                                                                                                   
Associate Professor
Research Interests:
Self-guided systems, Self-organizing control, Constrained nonlinear control systems, robotics &, machine vision
Email: masoud@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-3740
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1080
Mohandes, Mohamed                                                                                                                                          
Associate Professor
Research Interests: 
Neural Network, Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Systems
Email: mohandes@kfupm.edu.saPhone: +966-3-860-4709
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1066
Muqaibel, Ali H.                                                                                                                                                   
Associate Professor
Research Interests:
Ultra wideband/Impulse radio communications, Channel Characterization, Time Domain and RF/Microwave Measurements, Channel Coding , Turbo Codes, Communication Networks
Email: muqaibel@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-1595
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1088
Al-Naffouri, Tareq Y.                                                                                                                                           
Associate Professor and Director, Office of Cooperation with KAUST 
Research Interests:
Wireless Communication, Statistical/Adaptive Signal Processing & their applications, and Multiuser Information Theory.
Email: naffouri@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-1030
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1085
Associate Professor
Research Interests:
High frequency electronics, Microwave and Millimeter-wave Communication Devices, Ferrite and Semiconductor Microwave passive components, Microwave Integrated Circuits
sheikhsi@kfupm.edu.saPhone: +966-3-860-2818
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1075
Al-Shahrani, Saad M.​                                                                                                                                           
Associate Professor
Research Interests: 
RF integrated circuits, Active RC circuits and Continuous-time MOS integrated filters 
Email: saadms@kfupm.edu.saPhone: +966-3-860-1508
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1083
Zidouri, Abdelmalek                                                                                                                                            
Associate Professor
Research Interests:
Arabic Character Recognition, Document Analysis and Understanding, Run Length Coding, Image and Data Compression
Email: malek@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-3677
Office Location: Building 59 Room 0078
Mousa, Wail                                                                                                                                                         
Associate Professor & Director of Business Incubation & Acting Director of Innovation Centre
Research Interests: 
Digital Signal and Image Processing with applications to Geophysics, Geology and Petro-Physics, Digital Filters Design, Pattern Recognition and Classification with applications to Geophysical and Geological Data. 
Email: wailmousa@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-7440
Office Location: Building 59 Room 2067
Ibrir, Salim                                                                                                                                                           
Associate Professor
Research Interests:
Instrumentation and applied control systems; Analysis and control of
electrical networks; Aero-Servo-Elasticity; Nonlinear observer design;
Applied nonlinear control and estimation of time-delay systems.
Email: sibrir@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-2299
Office Location: Building 59 - G floor​ , Room 1076 
Qureshi, Khurram K.                                                                                                                                             
Associate Professor
Research Interests:
All-optical signal processing, Optical fiber amplifiers, Optical performance monitoring, Fiber lasers and Fiber sensors 
Email: kqureshi@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-3846
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1074
Al-Ghadban, Samir                                                                                                                                               
Associate Professor & Undergraduate Coordinator &  Asst. Director,  OPQ
Research Interests:
Wireless communication physical layer design and simulation, (MIMO) systems,Multi-layered Space frequency time codes, Multi-layered STBC. V-BLAST and MIMO scheduling algorithms and multi-user diversity.
Industrial wireless networks, remote sensing and control application.
Email: samir@kfupm.edu.saPhone: +966-3-860-2244
Office Location: Building 59 Room 0076
Mesbah, Wessam                                                                                                                                                 
Associate Professor
Research Interests:
Wireless Communications, Digital Communications, and  Signal Processing
Email: mesbahw@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-7395
Office Location: Building 59 Room 0074
People_Dr. Wajih.png 
Assistant Professor 
Research Interests:
Telecommunications (Software Defined Radio, Source and Channel Coding) and Digital
Signal Processing.
Email: wajih@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-1824
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1067
Assistant Professor
Research Interests:
Design and performance of turbo codes, coded modulation for wireless
Email: asahmari@kfupm.edu.saPhone: +966-3-860-1175
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1084
Al-Akhdar, S. Z.                                                                                                                                                    
Assistant Professor 
Research Interests:
 Digital Signal Processing and Communications Systems
zakiha@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-2360
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1086
Balghonaim, Adil                                                                                                                                                 
Assistant Professor
Research Interests:  
Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Neural Network 
Email: adil@kfupm.edu.saPhone: +966-3-860-4753
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1089
Chokri, Belhadj A.                                                                                                                                                 
Assistant Professor
Research Interests:  
Power System Analysis and Modeling, Artificial Intelligent application to Power System
Email: bachokri@kfupm.edu.saPhone: +966-3-860-4238
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1072
Al-Gahtani, Muhammad A.                                                                                                                                   
Assistant Professor
Research Interests:
Email: gahtani@kfupm.edu.saPhone: +966-3-860-3695
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1082
Hussein, Alaa El-Din                                                                                                                                             
Assistant Professor
Research Interests:
Microelectronics, Electronics
Email: husseina@kfupm.edu.saPhone: +966-3-860-4868
Office Location: Building 59 Room 0058
Al-Suwailem, Umar                                                                                                                                               
Assistant Professor & 
Dean of the College of Enineering Sciences
Research Interests: 
swailem@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-4686
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1073 

Assistant Professor
Research Interests:
Mobile communications, MIMO systems
Email: saadbd@kfupm.edu.saPhone: +966-3-860-7759
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1066
Al-Awami, Ali                                                                                                                                                       
Assistant Professor
Research Interests:
Power system operation, control, and optimization, integration of renewable energy sources and electric vehicles into the smart grid, and market deregulation.
Email: aliawami@kfupm.edu.sa Phone: +966-3-860-2712
Office Location: Building 59 Room 2089
Al-Abeedi Saad                                                                                                                                                     
Assistant Professor
Research interests:
Wireless Communications
Email: alabeedi@kfupm.edu.saPhone: +966-3-860-7833
Office Location: Building 59 Room 0075
Al-Ghamdi, Mohammad                                                                                                                                        
Assistant Professor & Director for Technology Advancement & Prototyping
Research Interests: 
CMOS Mixed Signal Circuits and Systems, Analog-to-Digital Converter for Biomedical and Communications Applications and Power Management ICs for Portable Devices.
Email: mkghamdi@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-7705 & 7654 
Office Location: Building 59 Room 2081 
& 21-706
AlMuhaini, Mohammad                                                                                                                                         
Assistant Professor
Research Interests:
Reliability Assessment of Smart Grids, Smart Restoration and Control of Microgrids and Secondary Distribution Networks, Markov Models Applications in Power Systems,  Renewable Energy Resources and their Impact on the Reliability, Optimization Techniques and their Applications in Power Systems
Email: muhaini@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-7911
Office Location: Building 59 Room 2083
Al-Dharrab , Suhail Ibrahim                                                                                                                                 
Assistant Professor & Asst. Director of CeGP (One year assignment at GT from term 151) 

Research Interests:

Cooperative communication, space-time coding, RF communication in impulsive noise, underwater acoustic communication, and information theory.

Email: suhaild@kfupm.edu.sa​, Phone: +966-13-860-8210

Office Location: Building 59 Room 0012-05  

Sameh , Sorour                                                                                                                                                   
Assistant Professor
Research Interests:  
Network coding, Indoor localization, Cooperative data exchangeStochastic modeling and analysis of communication networks, Vehicular, sensor and cognitive radio networks, Distributed cloud storage.
Email samehsorour@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-1458
Office Location: Building 59 Room 0012-7
Khan , Mohammed Zahed Mustafa                                                                                                                       


Assistant Professor
Research Interests:  
Optoelectronic devices,Quantum well/dash/dot based semiconductor lasers, LEDs, Superluminescent diodes,Ultra-broadband sources,Multi-wavelength sources,Optical communications,Modeling and simulation of optical structures and devices.
Emailzahedmk@kfupm.edu.sa , Phone: +966-3-860-1498
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1087
Prieto Rojas, Jhonathan                                                                                                                                       
Assistant Professor
Research Interests:  
Novel micro- and nanofabrication techniques for energy harvesting and flexible electronics, as well as design, development and characterization of novel structures for stretchable electronics.
Emailjprojas@kfupm.edu.sa , Phone: +966-3-860-8867  
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1069
Hussein Attia                                                                                                                                                         
Assistant Professor
Research Interests:  
High-gain and wide-band antennas, analytical techniques for electromagnetic modeling, and engineered magnetic metamaterials.
Emailhattia@kfupm.edu.sa , Phone: +966-3-860-8485   
Office Location: Building 59 Room 1071



Assistant Professor
Research Interests: 
Optimization and Control, Renewable Power Systems, Energy Storage Systems, Micro-grids, 
Electric Vehicles
Emailmkhalid@kfupm.edu.sa  , Phone +966-13 -860-8076
Office Location: Building 59 Room  1051
Nasir,Ali Arshad                                                                                                                                                  



Assistant Professor
Research Interests:  
Applications of Signal Processing to Wireless Communications,Resource Allocation,
Millimeter wave Communication
Email: anasir@kfupm.edu.sa  , Phone +966-13 -860-7071
Office Location: Building 59 Room 0012-3
Masood ,Mudassir                                                                                                                                                




Assistant Professor
Research Interests:  
Signal Processing, Compressive Sensing and Physical Layer Security
Emailmudassir@kfupm.edu.sa   , Phone +966-13 -860-8690
Office Location: Building 59 Room 0054
Iqbal, Naveed                                                                                                                                                          
Post Doctorate
Research Interests:
Email: naveediqbal@kfupm.edu.saPhone: +966-3-860-2374
Office Location: Building 59 Room 0032
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Pasha , Jahangir                                                                                                                                                     
Lecturer  (Permanently at Registrar Office)
Email: jahangir@kfupm.edu.sa , Phone: +966-3-860-3335
Shafi, Ahmar                                                                                                                                                          
Email: ahmar@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-2374/1115
Office Location: Building 59 Room 0032
Johar, Umar M.                                                                                                                                                        ​
Email: umjohar@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-2120
Office Location: Building 59 Room 0049
Email: nzaman@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-2830
Office Location: Building 59 Room 0077
Al-Ohali, Rakan                                                                                                                                                    
Research Interests:
Iterative Detection and Wireless Communications
Email: rakan@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-4987
Office Location: Building 59 Room 0004
Al-Saihati, Ibrahim                                                                                                                                                
Email: saihati@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-2628
Office Location: Building 59 Room 0004
Al-Qahtani, Khaled                                                                                                                                                
Lecturer (Went for Ph. D from Term 151)
Email: alqahtani@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-1937
Office Location: Building 59 Room 0030
Al Dohan,Badr                                                                                                                                                       
Email: badr@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-7909
Office Location: Building 59 Room 0004
Muhammad Asraf Ali                                                                                                                                            
Email: mashrafali@kfupm.edu.sa ,Phone: +966-3-860-8323
Office location :Building 59,Room 0049
ABattal,Abdullah Fasal                                                                                                                                         
Email: albattal@kfupm.edu.sa, Phone: +966-3-860-1392
Office Location: Building 59 Room 0032
Algarni,Abdullah M.                                                                                                                                               
Office Location: Building 59 Room 0012-6 
Office Location: Building 59 Room 0030

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