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Electromagnetics Workshop, was organized by the Electrical Engineering Department at KFUPM, during 15-17 Feb., 2016.
A highly cited and well known IEEE Fellow professor participated in this workshop, and several useful topics were discussed. Professor Ahmed Kishk (Concordia University- Canada) was the key speaker. The EM group at the EE department at KFUPM gave an update on their latest research, and other parties from the university were also invited to the discussions.  
Main organizer of this workshop was Dr. Mohammad S. Sharawi.    
Following talks were presented in this workshop.

  • ​Talk 1  by Prof. Ahmed Kish (Dielectric Resonator Antennas: Past and Future)
  • Talk 2  by Prof. Ahmed Kishk (EM Modeling of Artificial Magnetic Conductors)
  • Talk 3  by Prof. Ahmed Kishk (Wide-band and UWB antennas for wireless Communications)
  • Talk 4  by Dr. Mohammad S. Sharawi (Current Research efforts of EM-microwaves group  at KFUPM )
  • Talk 5  interactive discussions by Prof. Ahmed Kishk (General Advice for undergraduate/Graduate EE Students)
  • Talk 6  interactive discussions by Prof. Ahmed Kishk (On research collaboration and  Graduate student Experience in Canada)



18 May 2017 to 19 May 2017


11:30 AM to 11:30 AM