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​EE club of Electrical Engineering Department organized first EE Senior Design Expo on Saturday, May 9th 2015 at KFUPM Mall.

Number of senior design projects from EE department were presented and large number of students visited and took interest to explore the ideas behind each project.

Competition was also held in the expo and judges from industry selected top projects and teams for recognition. Judges from local industry evaluated the projects on innovation, commercial potential, and sustainability and presentation quality.

The projects/presentations were judged using the following four criteria:​

1. ORIGINALITY: How original is the concept presented in this poster?

2. SIGNIFICANCE: How significant are the poster's outcomes and conclusions?

3. TECHNICALITY: The level of the technical works and methods used in the project.

4. PRESENTATION: The quality and clarity of the presentation and how students react to the questions.

5. POSTER DESIGN: How effective is this poster visually?

The winners of the best projects are as follows:

First Place:

  • 3D SAR Imagining – Advisor: Dr. A MUQAIBEL

Second Place:

  • Arabic Sign language recognition using Microsoft the Leap Motion Controller – Advisor: Dr. M MOHANDES

Third Place:

  • KFUPM Green Campus - Design and Implementation of a PV Integration System – Advisor: Dr. M ABIDO
  • Solar System Tracking – Advisor: Dr. Z AL-HAMOUZ

Photos of EE-Expo can be explored in following links:

Link1  (Public Relation photographer)

Link 2 (EE-Club photographer) ​​