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Welcome to the Electrical Engineering Department

The Electrical Engin​​eering department at KFUPM came into existence with the establishment of University of Petroleum & Minerals in 1967. It is one of the largest departments in the University with an average number of students being approximately 1000, 10% of whom are in the graduate program. The department provides 2 four-year undergraduate programs leading to Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Bachel​or of Science in Applied Engineering degrees. The graduate program offers Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Master of Science in Telecommunication Engineering. 


The department has about 55 full-time faculty members in 6 specialized areas of research. The Groups in the department are: Energy Systems, Communications, Electronics, Control Systems, Electromagnetics, and Digital Signal Processing. Additionally, a pool of experienced engineers and technicians maintain more than 30 laboratories in the department.​​