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 Chemical Waste Handling

Chemical Waste Handling

EHS Department in collaboration with Lab Technical Support Office (LTSO) oversees the proper and safe handling of chemical wastes in KFUPM laboratories to ensure that our campus is operating in compliance with applicable international and local regulations regarding chemical waste handling. Our main objective is to ensure that chemical hazardous waste is being managed safely and properly, all the way from handling, storage, and removal to the designated disposal site.

Most of chemical waste poses a significant threat to the environment, therefore drain or trash disposal of chemical wastes are not allowed for this type of waste. Chemical wastes could be reactive, corrosive, explosive, or highly toxic to human and the environment. In this regard, we have prepared a general procedure on how to properly and safely handle our chemical waste. 

The general procedure of handling and disposal of chemical waste at KFUPM includes:

  1. Identification of hazardous material.
  2. Designation of proper storage area for chemical waste.
  3. Selection of compatible container for chemical waste.
  4. Labelling of chemical waste container.
  5. Handling of liquid chemical waste.
  6. Handling of solid chemical waste.
  7. Disposal of empty containers.
  8. Cleaning up chemical spills.
  9. Request for removal of hazardous waste.

Requesting a chemical waste removal

In order to ensure that this procedure is executed accordingly, we coordinate with the safety committee of the concerned departments about how to proceed with the procedure. The bottom line is the safety committee has to make sure that all lab supervisors and lab users are aware about the procedure. In case of a certain amount of chemical waste has been collected, the lab in-charge should fill the chemical waste disposal request form and submit to the safety committee of his department. It is responsibility of the chairman of safety committee to contact and submit the request to LTSO for removal of the collected waste. Upon receiving the request, LTSO will arrange with a specialized company to collect and take the chemical waste out of the university.