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 Common Hazards

Common Hazards

We are surrounded by electricity at our workplaces and homes. There are electrical panels, cables, power outlets that bring electricity within our reach. Electricity has the potential to cause harm to people and property, in the form of electric shock, burns, fire and explosion. It is very important to know the hazards of electricity, and take precautions to either eliminate or control those hazards.

Electrical Hazards:

The common electrical hazards found in offices and labs are:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Overloaded power outlets
  • Extensive use of electrical power strips and extension cords
  • Poorly installed and/or maintained electrical equipment
  • Working on live electrical equipment
  • Using electrical equipment in a wet environment

Minimizing Electrical Hazards:

Following are the tips to minimize the electrical hazards:

  • Visually inspect the electrical device/equipment before use
  • If the device is faulty, label it as faulty and report for maintenance
  • Do not force the plug into an outlet if it does not fit
  • Push the plug into the socket such that the pins are not exposed
  • While removing the plug from the socket, pull the plug and not the cord
  • Do not overload a power outlet by plugging multiple devices
  • Do not run electrical wires/cords across walkways, under the rug or the furniture
  • Do not block access to electrical panels