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 Desk Stretches

Desk Stretches

A: Tilt the head slowly to the right (right ear to right shoulder).
     Repeat this exercise on the left side.
B: Rotate the head slowly toward the right shoulder.
     Repeat this exercise by rotating it to left shoulder as well.
C: Slowly tilt head down and stretch.

Shoulders & Arms:
A: Shoulder rotation
     Slowly roll shoulders backward in circular motion.
     Repeat the shoulder rolling in forward circular motion as well.
B: Shoulder shrugging
     Raise the shoulders until its top reaches close to ears.
C: Back reach
    Interlace your fingers behind the head.
    Bring the elbows inward slowly, towards each other.
D: Forward shoulder stretch
     Place left arm in front of body, and try pull left elbow gently towards body with the right hand.
     Repeat this stretch for right shoulder as well
E: Backward shoulder stretch
      Lift left arm and place it behind head with left elbow angled at 90°.
      Now, gently pull the left elbow with right hand behind head.
      Repeat this stretch for right shoulder as well.

Hands & Wrists:
Extensor/Flexor Stretch
A: Put right arm straight with flexed elbow, and bend the wrist upward until you feel a slight stretch.
B: Bring wrist to resting position, and bend it down until you feel stretch in opposite side.
Wrist Rotation
C: Slowly rotate your palm clockwise and anticlockwise.
      Repeat exercise with right wrist.
Finger Fan 
D: Spread all the fingers of left hand far apart, and hold for a while. 
       Repeat this stretch for right hand as well.
Hook Stretch 
E: Make a fist with the left hand and slowly straighten fingers into a hook position and hold. Repeat exercise with right hand.

A: Back extension: Place both hand on your seat pan and bend backward slowly bend backward so that you feel stretch in back.
B: Twist and turn: While sitting on chair, twist your upper body using the chair to pull yourself into more of a twist.
C: Reach: Lift both arms upwards, and hold position while you are sitting or standing.

A: Pump foot up and down: Flex your feet up and then pull them down.
Make sure that your ankles are fully flexed in both directions.
B: Ankle rotation: While sitting on chair, twist your upper body using the chair to pull yourself into more of a twist.