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 Emergency Action Plan

Emergency Action Plan

Emergencies can occur unexpectedly anytime, anywhere, and can affect anybody. "A workplace emergency is an unforeseen situation that threatens your employees, customers, or the public; disrupts or shuts down your operations; or causes physical or environmental damage". Emergencies can be either natural or manmade, such as earthquake, floods, fire, chemical spill, toxic gas release, etc.

The best way to respond to an emergency is to be prepared for it before it occurs. Hence, the workplaces must have an "Emergency Action Plan (EAP)", which will lay out the procedures, roles and responsibilities of employer and employees, during workplace emergencies. A well-developed EAP, along with proper training, will result in better emergency preparedness, as well as proper response during emergencies.

Emergency Action Plan at KFUPM:

The EAP must include the following:

  • Procedure to report emergencies.
  • Evacuation procedure during emergencies or drills.
  • Emergency evacuation route map on each floor, highlighting the emergency exits, evacuation routes (primary and secondary), and location of fire alarm pull stations.
  • Designated Assembly Point for all employees to assemble outside during evacuation.
  • Contacts of Emergency Services such as Security Dept., Medical Center, Maintenance Dept. etc.
  • Names and phone numbers of Emergency Personnel such as Emergency Coordinator, Fire Wardens, and any staff designated to perform rescue and medical duties in each department.
  • List of people with disabilities and vulnerable workers.
  • Procedures for staff members who would perform or shut down critical laboratory operations, or other essential services before they evacuate.
  • First Aid Kit accessible and stocked at all times.