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 Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring involves the assessment of our environment quality in order to ensure that any activity on campus is not harming the natural environment. In this regard, EHS department carries out two major programs, namely: building/facility inspections and walk-through inspections. For one academic term, a schedule is prepared for both inspections so that all buildings and facilities in KFUPM can be covered in one semester. The building/facility inspections focus on indoor air quality (IAQ) and water quality monitoring by utilizing specialized equipment to get the most accurate reading of pollutant levels.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring

We do care about IAQ since most of us spend our time breathing indoor air. Gas and respirable particulates may be trapped inside the building and consequently build up to pollutant levels that may affect our health and comfort, and subsequently affect our work performance.

Water quality monitoring

With regards to water quality monitoring, the EHS department has a weekly schedule that involves taking water samples of potable water, from toilet, and drinking water tap to check the quality of water that we use every day. The water quality assessment involves the measurement of the pH, conductivity and total dissolved solids (TDS), which is not an in-depth water analysis but good enough to point out potential water quality problems.

Walk-through inspection

On the other hand, the walk-through inspection is an attempt to discover and report any outdoor environmental issue happening on campus. The inspection, as the name suggests, is walking on foot through an outdoor area to look for any general environmental issues. In case of any issue found, EHS department will communicate and coordinate with the concerned departments to address the issue.