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 Food Facilities in KFUPM

Food Facilities in KFUPM


  • Central Kitchen

Central kitchen has the main cooking hall, and other sections such as bakery section, butchery section, refrigerator section, and storage rooms for flour and vegetables. This facility is responsible for preparing breakfast and lunch for faculty and students, and dinner for the students. Besides this, bakery and some other food items are supplied to various snack bars in the campus.

  • Faculty Cafeteria

Faculty cafeteria includes both kitchen and staff dining hall is located. Some of the food items for lunch are prepared in this kitchen and other food items are brought from the central kitchen.

  • Student Cafeteria

The meals prepared by the central kitchen are served in student cafeteria for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

  • Snack Bars

Snack bars are located at various academic buildings. These snack bars provide bakery items and beverages. The bakery items are supplied either by central kitchen or purchased from outside.

  • Food Facilities in KFUPM Mall & KFUPM Square

KFUPM Mall and KFUPM Square is located in student housing and faculty housing, respectively. Both facilities include different restaurants, and are managed by an investor from outside the university. The EHS department is conducted a regular health inspection of all the restaurants inside these two facilities. 

  • Cooperative Supermarkets

The EHS department is conducted a health inspection of all the cooperative supermarkets (stores) located in student housing.