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 Green Labs Program

​Green Lab Program

Labs account for large use of energy consumption compare to other facilities on campus since most of our labs accommodate energy-intensive research equipment. Moreover, labs like chemical labs use a large number of water and chemicals, and on the other hand generate hazardous waste.

The Green Labs Program at KFUPM is mainly an educational campaign to raise awareness among the lab users about the importance of power conservation without compromising the level of research. Although it is not possible to calculate the amount of power saving in the program, since most buildings in KFUPM don't have individual electric meter, but this type of program is considered to be important because in the program we can personally deliver the message to the lab users which is better than just sending awareness emails or pasting posters on the advertisement boards.

The duration of the Green Labs Program is one active academic semester. Every semester different labs from different department are selected to take part in the program. The program involves all types of labs such as chemical labs, physics labs, computer labs, etc.

The main actors of the program are the users of the labs. For each lab or a group of similar labs in one department, a green lab supervisor/coordinator is appointed by his respective department and will be working together with the EHS department during the program.

The heart of the Green Labs Program is power conservation in labs that focuses on four actions:

a) Turn on lights only when needed;

b) Shut down appliances if possible;

c) Optimizing computer energy;

d) Shut fume hood sash.

Download the Green Lab Stickers here:

Turn Off Lights sticker.jpg

Turn Off Appliances sticker.jpg

Turn Off the Fume Hood sticker.jpg

Fume Hood Standard sticker.jpg

Set Computer to Sleep Mode sticker.jpg

Download the Green Lab Posters here:

Green Labs Initiatives.jpg

Green Chemistry Initiative.jpg

Watch the Green Lab Program Video here: