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 Importance of Safety

​Importance of Safety

There are many benefits of maintaining a safe surrounding and a safe working environment. A serious workplace injury affects not only the person, but his family, friends, and coworkers too. The loss of human life due to negligence in safety, results in immeasurable suffering for many people directly or indirectly associated. Hence, safety is about protecting oneself, and others around, from injury or adverse health effects.

It is the responsibility of every person at KFUPM, to take reasonable care for his/her own safety, and for the safety of other human beings around, which may be affected directly or indirectly.

Importance of Workplace Safety:

A safe working environment results in minimizing:

  • Injuries and Death
  • Disruption of Work
  • Financial Losses
  • Property Damage
  • Worker Absenteeism

A safe working environment results in maximizing:

  • Worker Productivity
  • Quality Standards
  • Reputation of the Organization