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 Laboratory Safety

Laboratory Safety

General Rules:

The students, staff, and the faculty must adhere to the following general rules:

  • Eating, drinking, or smoking is strictly prohibited in the labs.
  • Follow all the written and verbal instructions in the labs.
  • No student should work alone in the lab.
  • Wear the required Personal Protective Equipment at all times inside the lab.
  • Do not wear open toed footwear, shorts, or loose clothing in the labs.
  • Students should never leave the working experimental setup unmonitored.
  • Everyone should maintain and follow good housekeeping practices in the labs.


Kindly report immediately any safety issue, or any untoward incident that you are aware of to the lab in-charge.

Safety Arrangements:

Anyone working in the lab must be aware of the following safety arrangements:

  • All the Exits in the lab.
  • Emergency telephone numbers and the contact number of the lab in-charge.
  • Emergency evacuation plan and procedure.
  • Locations of the Fire Alarm Pull Station, First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguishers, Electrical Panel inside the lab.
  • Locations of additional emergency response equipment such as Safety Shower, Eye Wash Station, Fire Blanket etc. (these are available based on the requirement)
  • Appropriate PPE required for a particular lab and/or particular experiment being conducted in the lab.
  • Safety signs and safety instructions in the lab.

Specific Safety Issues:

Kindly refer to the Chemical Safety, Electrical Safety, and Fire Safety sections to know more about the specific safety issues relevant to the labs.