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 Pollution Assessment

Pollution Assessment

On regular basis, the EHS department at KFUPM carries out a number of environmental assessments inside KFUPM campus to ensure that any activities undertaken on campus comply with the national and international environmental quality standards such as: The General Environmental Regulations issued by the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) in Saudi Arabia and The Saudi Arabian Standards Organizations (SASO). In order to carry out this duty, the EHS department is equipped with a number of instruments to measure the quality of air, water, soil and noise.

Environmental Monitoring Equipment


MX6 iBrid MultiGas Detector
To measure: Oxygen, 
Carbon Dioxide/IR,
Ammonia, and Lower Explosive Limit.
Ventis MX4 Multigas Dector
To measure: Hydrogen sulfide, Carbon monoxide, Oxygen, Methane.
Multi parameter Water Quality Meter YSI Professional Plus
To measure water quality: pH, Conductivity, TDS, Dissolved Oxygen, Oxygen Concentration, Temperature, and Salinity.
DUSTTRAK™ II Aerosol Monitor 8532
To measure aerosol concentrations corresponding to PM1, PM2.5, PM10, or respirable size fraction.
Sound Level Meter Kit / EXTECH 407732
To measure noise level (dB Range: 35 to 130, Frequency Range: 31.5 to 8000 Hz, Frequency Weighting: A and C).
Ion Science MVI Mercury Vapor Indicator
To detect level of mercury vapor in air (detection ranges: 0.1 to 200 µg/m3 or 1.0 to 1999 µg/m3).
RADEX RD1706 Radiation Detector
To detect level of radiation (Gamma, Beta, X-Ray).
Pro Series3 HS71512 Radon Gas Detector
To detect level of radon gas in air.