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 Recycling & Waste Management

Recycling & Waste Management

EHS Department at KFUPM has stretched its effort to find alternative ways to handle all solid wastes generated on campus in a responsible and environmentally friendly way. The recycling initiative at KFUPM campus is expected to maintain a cost effective and efficient waste management program that focuses on reducing, reusing and recycling of the waste. Examples include:

1.     Waste Source Segregation:

  • The recycling can be made easy by locating color coded recycling stations across the university that provides a bin for every type of recyclable wastes. The KFUPM community should take an extra second to sort their waste out.
  • By sorting the garbage into the right bins at a recycling station, one can eliminate contamination and reduce what goes into the landfills.

2.     Plastic Waste Reduction:

  • Encourage KFUPM community to have a reusable water bottle and make use of free of charge drinking water tap outlets at various locations in the campus.
  • Urge all shops inside campus to use paper carry bags instead of using plastic bags.  

3.     Paper Reduction:
There are many simple steps that we can take to reduce the paper use.

  • Print double sided by changing the computer's printer default settings to print double sided will reduce the amount of paper consumed by half.
  • Reduce margin defaults by changing document margin defaults also reduce the amount of paper needed.
  • Electronically file, rather than print.
  • Paper reuse: print or photocopy on paper previously used on one side if possible.