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 Training Programs

​Training Programs

The EHS Department provides various training programs for Faculty, Staff, and Students at KFUPM.

Online Safety Training Program:

The EHS Department provides online safety training courses (through Blackboard Software), specific to various academic departments and workshops at KFUPM. The objective of these online courses is to provide the staff and students working in the laboratories, as well as workshop engineers, with the knowledge of safe working practices and maintaining the safe working environment. Moreover, this will help the laboratories and workshops to comply with the OSHA standards to be followed at KFUPM.

Safety Induction for Students:

At the start of each semester, the EHS Department delivers the "Safety Induction" presentation to the students who are enrolled in the course "Physics 101". The Physics Department allots 30 minutes of the first Physics 101 lecture for this presentation.

Safety Orientation of New Employees:

The EHS Department provides safety orientation for the new employees, in collaboration with the Staff & Organization Development Department at KFUPM.