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The Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) department is committed to ensure the highest standards of Environment, Health and Safety for the university faculty members, staff, students, visitors, and the community overall. The EHS Department is serving the KFUPM community by providing technical support, information and training, consultation, and periodic inspections etc. EHS department's mission is to develop a system and a culture that stimulates and supports the university's whole community by providing them with safe and healthy working environment.

The key objectives of the EHS department are to:

  • Ensure a safe, sustainable and healthy working environment for the research and study.
  • Implement policies, programs, and procedures that can improve the workplace environment, health, and safety standards.
  • Develop and maintain a positive and proactive EHS culture.
  • Create awareness among KFUPM community about the significance of EHS.
  • Develop and maintain an integrated EHS management system in the KFUPM campus.

EHS expects all faculty, staff and students to extend their cooperation in making the KFUPM a safer and healthier workplace by adopting the EHS rules and regulation. We hope the resources provided through this website will help you to reduce accidents and to protect the university's assets and environment.​