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Students write a 1750-word source-based report on a topic that combines their major field of study with a particular theme. They use the APA6 style of documentation and advanced Internet and library research skills. Instruction includes audience analysis, narrowing and focusing a report topic, quotation, document design, summarizing, writing a descriptive abstract, and drafting. Academic integrity receives particular emphasis. Students are also  introduced to the world of work starting with job seeking (job applications, cover letters and emails, résumés, interviews) and leading to the most important aspects of business correspondence (letter formats, style, tone). Instruction is given on advanced presentation skills for public speaking in both academic and professional environments.
Prerequisite: ENGL102

Texts: Successful Writing at Work by Philip C. Kolin, 4th ed., 2015
 Academic & Professional Communication (Online Blackboard course)​ ENGL102

​20%​Progress Report (10%): finding, narrowing and focusing a topic; report background; thesis statement; working bibliography; preliminary two-level outline; source evaluations (2); schedule of tasks to be completed.
First draft (10%): written in class
​FINAL REPORT​15%​Revision and final edited report: professional-looking report; approximately 1750 words; minimum six sources; APA style guide.
The report will be in the student’s major, linked to the common theme, and be a problem-solution, comparison, or argument.
​MIDTERM EXAM​15%​Writing of a source evaluation: APA reference; summary paraphrase; and evaluation of a source. 
​JOB SKILLS​20%​Business letter format; ways to find a job; cover letter, résumé; interviewing techniques; emails.
​PRESENTATION SKILLS​15%​Skills preparation for giving a formal multimedia presentation; linked to the academic report.
​FINAL EXAM​15%​Multiple-choice examination testing student understanding of the semester’s work. The questions are based on the Blackboard materials and on selected chapters from the Kolin textbook. Grammar questions will be included - see the appendix in Kolin.