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Student Form: Awards for Excellence in Writing - T192

From the English Language Department (College of General Studies) and KFUPM's Student Success Center

This is an opportunity to showcase your completed work. You have already been recognized as exhibiting excellence in writing; therefore, please do not submit work with evident revision or outside assistance. These alterations may exclude the work from being accepted. Student's instructors can verify the original work if there are questions.

Submissions will not be evaluated by their own instructors.

Please Note: there are three levels of reward: BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD. All three awards can be included in your CV/Resume, will receive certificates from the ELD and KFUPM's Student Success Center, and will be added to your non-academic record. Those receiving a GOLD award will have their photo and name placed on the Wall of Honor on the KFUPM website.

For further information and an application form, please speak with your instructor. DEADLINE: TBA

Expiry: 14 May 2020