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Dr. Malcolm Bancroft

Chairman of the English Language Department

Tel: +966 (13) 860 3156
Fax: +966 (13) 860 7482  


Welcome to the ELD! 
The English Language Department teaches more than 5000 of KFUPM’s undergraduate students per year. We help students, already quite proficient in their English skills, sharpen their English academic writing abilities to meet the following needs:
To ensure that students have the required skills for their other courses 
To prepare students for further postgraduate study 
To provide students with a competitive edge for entering the job market

ELD faculty come from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Our highly qualified staff have years of experience, and have worked around the world. They are teachers, researchers, and authors. Most importantly, they are professional, friendly, and the best in the Kingdom.

The department’s main office is in B-17, while teachers have offices in both B-17 and in B-9, which is just next door. 

The Awards for Excellence in Writing
The AFEW is a prestigious College of General Studies award, which recognizes a student’s outstanding achievement in academic writing. There are three levels of award for all ELD courses: “Recommended”, “Nominated” and “Awarded”. All levels can be added to a CV, receive certificates, are entered into the “Wall of Honor", and are added by the university to a student’s non-academic record.