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Jan 13


13 Jan 2019 to 18 Apr 2019

Jan 06

TERM 182

06 Jan 2019 to 01 May 2019

Programs and Courses
  • ENGL 101 - An Introduction to Academic Discourse

    An introduction to academic reading, writing, and vocabulary. Students are exposed to reading texts of various genres, such as encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers, and websites, and are taught strategies for dealing with them. The writing component teaches argumentation and such rhetorical modes as definition, exemplification, causal analysis, and comparison. Students are taught the writing process and introduced to paragraphing, cohesion, conciseness, unity and the use of specific detail, and are alerted to common errors in grammar and sentence structure.     The vocabulary component is based on the Academic Word List, a corpus of approximately 600 words based on the most frequently occurring lexis in a broad range of academic texts. During the course, students are expected to maintain a Reading and Writing Portfolio as guided self-study.

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  • ENGL 102 - Introduction to Report Writing

    Students acquire and develop the requisite skills needed to write a technical report, using a variety of sources, on a themed topic. Students hone these skills through a number of shorter writing exercises meant to emulate all aspects of a full report. They are introduced to basic research skills involving the Internet and the University’s databases and print collection.  They are introduced to the APA style of documentation. They are taught about document design, evaluating sources, summarizing, outlining, note taking, drafting, revising and editing. Academic integrity in report writing is strongly emphasized. Their reading skills are further enhanced through exposure to a variety of graphical sources such as charts, graphs and diagrams. Students are taught oral presentation skills culminating in a PowerPoint presentation based on a topic of their choosing.

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  • ENGL 214 - Academic and Professional Communication

    Students write a 1500-word source-based report on a topic that combines their major field of study with a particular theme. They use the APA style of documentation and advanced Internet and library research skills. Instruction includes audience analysis, narrowing and focusing a report topic, quotation, document design, summarizing, writing informative and descriptive abstracts, and drafting. Academic integrity receives particular emphasis. In the second half of the course, students are introduced to the world of work starting with the job hunt (job applications, cover letters and emails, résumés, interviews) and leading to the most important aspects of business correspondence (letter formats, style, tone). Instruction is given on advanced presentation skills for public speaking in both academic and professional environments.

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