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Updated Seminars List for the Term 132

( 04/02/2014 to 04/02/2014)


Earth Sciences Seminars in the Spring Semester 132, 2013/2014
1-2 pm)
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February 5
Robert Lindsey
Saudi Aramco
 Rediscovering the Arab-D Reservoir: A Historical Perspective
February 12
Ali Ahmed Mohammed
Amana Kedir
(ENVS) Thesis Discussion 2pm
Dhahran Res. Ctr.
Full waveform inversion for a complex near-surface  modeling & imaging
February 19
February 19
Abdulaziz Guwaizani
(GEOL PhD) Thesis Discussion 2pm
Saleh Al-Dossary
Saudi Aramco-DGS
February 26
Part 2 of Ali Ahmed's talk?
Full waveform inversion for a complex near-surface  modeling & imaging Pt. 2
March 5
Mohammed J. Al-Mahmoud
GEOL Thesis Proposal Discussion by
Mr. Ammar Abdlmutalib
Saudi Aramco-DGS
Hydrodynamic Aspects of Hydrocarbon Trapping in the Arabian Gulf
March 12
March 19
Ali Sahin
Adeyinka (ENVS)
Thesis Proposal Defense
Mineral Exploration and Mining Activities in Saudi Arabia: Past, Present and Future

March 31
Monday (Spec. Seminar)
In RI, at 1:00 pm
Roy C. Sidle
Senior Research Hydrologist/Environmental Scientist
Athens, Georgia USA
Considering anthropogenic stressors and dynamic earth systems in assessing ecosystem sustainability
April 2
Hesham El-Askary
Chapman University, USA
“Earth’s Spheres and the Changing Climate: Are we in Denial?”
April 9
@2 pm Abdulraziq Thesis Defense
No seminar because of Ceremony
April 16
Joint CPM, PETE, ESD Seminar in RI
Dr. Sedat Inan, Saudi Aramco.
Saudi Aramco,
Organic Geochemical Characteristics of Petroleum Source Rocks.