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A New Genus & Species of Foraminifer by Dr. Kaminski

It’s not every day an animal is discovered which is completely new to Science.  The international press recently reported the finding of a new species of a Cretaceous marine reptile that was found during road constriction in Germany. However, when a new microscopic organism is discovered this news rarely reaches the headlines. At best it would be a rather small news item…. 
Last week our very own Dr. Kaminski reported finding not just a new species, but a whole new genus of Foraminifera from the Carboniferous of northern Saudi Arabia!  Dr. Kaminski was barely able to contain his excitement over his new finding, when he stated “This is the first time a completely new genus of Foraminifera has been found within the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia in the past 20 years, and it completely re-writes what we know about the early evolution of this group of micro-organisms”.  He added that the report of his new discovery has been submitted to Saudi Aramco to obtain permission for publication in the Journal of Micropalaeontology. 

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