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Joint Geologic Field Trip with Stanford (2014)

A group of seven graduate and undergraduate students and three faculty members (Drs. Al-Ramadan, Dogan and Abouelresh) from KFUPM participated in a joint geologic field trip with Stanford University in Texas and New Mexico, USA between March 18 and 26. This trip was supported by Aramco Services Company under the Trilateral Collaboration agreement between Saudi Aramco-KFUPM-Stanford.
Dr. Khalid Al- Ramadan, KFUPM team leader, gave a presentation about the field trip to the department council on Tuesday April 1. He updated the council that in this field trip ESD students have had the chance to interact with three well known professors in their fields and their PhD students in all geological stops and have shown their excellent geologic background and field skills which were frequently praised by the trip leader Prof. Lowe of Stanford.
In addition to the training on independent geologic field work, stress was also given to developing the critical thinking to better interpret the depositional environments of rocks.   As one of the students put it: “this trip is like an intensive short course”. The two universities are planning for the next field trip which will take place in Saudi Arabia sometime in 2015.