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Geo-archeological Trip to Al-‘Ula

​On Wednesday October 19, 2016, a geo-archeological field trip to Al-'Ula city was organized by the AAPG Student Chapter at KFUPM. The primary focus of this 3-day trip was to visit several archeological sites including the site of Al-Khuraybah-Dedan (over 2000 years), Al-Hejra (Hegra): the modern Mada'in Saleh, the site of Al-'Ula medieval town, the museum of Al-'Ula city and the railway station for Hejaz Railway (1901-1908). Apart from visiting archeological sites, many stops were made to cover geological features in the Arabian Shield such as the oldest sedimentary units in Arabia and the recent volcanic eruptions known as Harrats (lava flows) dated back to as old as 30 Ma (Million Years).


 A group photo of participants at Al-'Ula museum.


Sixteen participants including distinguished members: Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Shaibani (Chairman of Geosciences), Dr. Abdullah Sultan (Chairman of Petroleum Engineering), Dr. Khalid Al-Ramadan (Field Leader), Dr. John Reijmer (Chair Professor in Geosciences Department), Mr. Abdulmohsin Al-Mahmood, Mr. Fawaz Al-Anazi along with eight (8) undergraduate and two (2) graduate students.


A group photo at the top of Harrat Uwayrid.


On top of Nabateans hill in Mada'in Saleh