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 Guidance & Counseling

Excellence in providing guidance services for university students

Achieve support, social, psychological and academic compatibility

The Deanship of Guidance and Counseling seeks to support and assist students in defining, clarifying, and achieving their interpersonal competencies and academic achievement. It aims to obtain the following objectives;

1- Preparing new students for university lifestyle.
2- Operates the aspects of guidance and counseling to the developmental needs of the student
3- Providing psychological counseling for students
4- Enhancing academic achievement and capabilities.
5- Provide a proper guidance for students who are not in a good academic standing, and ensure to follow-up with them.
6- Provide strives continuity of support and assistance to both talented and in good standing students to enhance their capabilities.
7- Proposing appropriate solutions help to female students in order to resolve emotional, social, or behavior problems and help them develop a clearer focus of directions.

The service designed to assist students to utilize their own resources for growth in self-understanding, development, decision-making and managing with their personal issues and handling academic challenges.

The counselor strives to meet the needs of students and study their cases, taking into account the following:

  1. Privacy: 
    It means the student has the right to share with the concern person (counselor) the personal information. The counselor may ask the female student additional information that might assist her to cope with personal challenges she are facing. The information is confidential and the student may not share any information.

  2. Confidentiality
    All information that the student gives to the counselor remains confidential and no one else has the right to know unless the prior permission from the student.

  3. Freedom of choice
    Guidance and counseling is an optional service for any student who enquires to aid it according to the working conditions.

Contact us:

You may contact the Office of Student Affairs (Counseling and Guidance)

Ms. Alya Alqubaisi ,Building 42, Office 444, 3rd Floor ,Phone (013)-860-5401