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Prof. Suliman Saleh Al-Homidan

Supervisor of female education
King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

Welcome to the office of girls supervisor website. It gives me a pleasure to introduce our programs, initiatives, and faculty. Recently, started girls education based on the methods of teaching at KFUPM and to prepare and graduate leaders and competencies. Based on the university experience, knowledge, values, behavior and skills, which includes high quality in the selection of female students in the Kingdom. KFUPM provide an environment in the University City, attracting distinguished faculty members. In fact, all of our faculty members are prominent in their fields of expertise. We are committed to provide quality graduate talented effectively contributing to the development of the Kingdom and beyond, conduct high quality research in basic and applied sciences.
We all have good reason to be proud of our office, and I offer my heartfelt gratitude to all who have given their best efforts for our recent accomplishments. A lot has been significantly accomplished, and I'm proud to be supervisor of a top performing University. It is a lot of work to stay at the top, but I assure you, with your support and involvement, our office is up to the challenge of delivering sustainable contributions to the University and to the Kingdom as a whole. 

Thank you!