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 About Us


The Department of Global Studies (GSD) represents an important part of the overall education of all students at the university. The department seeks to expand and enrich the educational experience of KFUPM engineering, science, and industrial management majors through the social science curriculum.
The Department of Global Studies offers courses in the social sciences (sociology, political science, history, cultural anthropology, and psychology). The educational goal of the curriculum in Global Studies is for students to gain substantive knowledge in these fields of study, and in the process to develop their thinking, communication, and creative abilities.  It is important for students to understand human behavior and the social, political, cultural, and historical processes that impact individuals and societies.  Such understanding enhances critical thinking, sound judgment, and more effective performance of occupational roles. The learning objectives of Global Studies courses can be divided into three categories. 
I. Gaining understanding and substantive knowledge about:  principles of human behavior; processes and outcomes of social organization; social institutions, social forces shaping the modern world, international relations, other cultures, regional histories.
II. Development of intellectual abilities:
  •     Broaden students’ perspectives on themselves, their society, and the world.
  •     Develop analytical skills and strategic thinking by analyzing social problems in the real world. Develop analytical skills and strategic thinking by analyzing social problems in the real world
  •     Develop critical thinking by examining issues from different social, cultural, and political perspectives.
  •     Develop communication skills by encouraging discussion and presentation of ideas (in verbal and written form).
  •     Encourage creativity in addressing social problems.
  •     Emphasize that learning is a life-long process and encourage students to continue to be informed, to learn, and to grow.
  •     ​Develop research skills and skills in evaluating and presenting the information.

III. Global Studies Curriculum and academic objectives of the University
  •      Fulfill graduation requirements pertinent to General Education requirements.
  •      Support other university departments by offering courses that complement scientific specializations.
  •      Contribute to the “University competencies and capabilities” requirements for academic accreditation, by the accreditation organizations such as the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation (NCAAA) and Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), and Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).
To be an outstanding multidisciplinary department in global and social studies that substantially contributes to KFUPM’s tradition of excellence in high-quality teaching, impactful research, and vibrant community services.
- To produce and provide world-class curricula that complement KFUPM students’ education, through a diverse program of global studies which enhances their knowledge and proficiencies.
- To produce impactful multidisciplinary research that contributes to the advancement of Saudi society and improves global understanding.
- To provide service to the community and actively assist its advancement.
- Create a dynamic environment for learner success.
- Recruit and retain highly qualified and committed academic faculty.
- Provide KFUPM students with broader social science knowledge.
- Develop essential academic and professional skills that would enhance the education of KFUPM students.
- Produce superb research that is nationally and internationally well recognized.
- Interact with the community with highly quality services.​