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 Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning concentration

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Concentration

About the concentration

This interdisciplinary concentration covers artificial intelligence and machine learning. It will provide the students with the required knowledge to develop intelligent techniques and systems. Students are exposed to topics such as machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and natural language processing. Furthermore, it also covers perception, motion and manipulation, and reinforcement learning. It promotes interdisciplinary education where computer science intersects with mathematics and engineering. The applications of this concentration are wide-ranging and include automatic image and video processing, healthcare, financial data and trading, speech recognition, facial identification, and seismic survey processing.

Concentration courses

This concentration consists of the following four courses:

Course  Title Prerequisites
ICS 471Deep Learning
COE 292, Math 208, STAT 319
ICS 485
Machine Learning COE 292, Math 208, STAT 319
ICS 472Natural Language ProcessingICS 471
ICS 483Computer Vision 
ICS 485