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 Cybersecurity and Blockchain Concentration

Cybersecurity and Blockchain Concentration

About the Concentration

This interdisciplinary program covers topics related to secure and trusted computing, including data and information assurance, identification of cyber assets and related security risks and threats, measurement of system resilience against cyber-attacks, and security policy compliance and governance. Students learn the fundamental pillars of computer security and data privacy and how they affect complex engineering systems (e.g. manufacturing plants). Topics include cryptology, access control models and mechanisms, intrusion detection systems, and integrity verification mechanisms. Students also learn the fundamentals of blockchain technology, including record and hash replication, and types of blockchains (public, private, and hybrid), as well the applications in cryptocurrency and various other scientific, engineering, and business use cases.

Concentration courses

This concentration consists of the following four courses:

Course  Title Prerequisites
COE 426Data PrivacySenior Standing
ICS 440Cryptography and Blockchain ApplicationsMath 208, Stat 319
ICS 442Penetration Testing and Ethical HackingICS 343 or COE 344 or COE 353
SWE 445Secure Software DevelopmentSenior Standing